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韓國 女性 洋服의 變遷에 관한 硏究

韓國 女性 洋服의 變遷에 관한 硏究
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(A) Study on change of the korean woman's western clothes in modern age : Mainly from 1900 till 1945
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대학원 장식미술학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
This paper is an observation on the change of the Korean woman's western clothes from civilized period until just before the Emancipation in 1945. Since 1876, the ordinally people's everyday life was greatly influenced by the western world, the particular change was made in the styles of clothing, that is, from the traditional style into the western style. Therefore this paper is in tended to study how the western clothes were prevailed in those days daily life, and how it has been succeeded to our present clothing life. It was in 1890's that Korean woman's western clothes were introduced by a few intelligent woman leader and the western clothing was extended to the general woman's casual wear through 1920's, 1930's by the medium of the uniform, child clothes, training clothes. It was not until at 1920's that woman's western clothes, which were introduced for the first time at 1890's appeared to be in the real introduction of the western clothes in Korea. The more preceding the year was, the greater was the disparity between the western original mode and the introduced korean mode. In reviewing this study, the fact is found that our clothing life was completely copied western mode and the similar character has been continuing to this day.;本 論文은 개화이후 해방직전까지의 韓國 女性洋服의 변천에 관해 考察한 것이다. 1876년 이후의 西歐文物의 導入은 衣·食·住등 일상생활에 커다란 영향을 끼쳤으며 특히, 이 시기이후 우리의 전통의상은 洋服으로 전환 되는 과정을 겪는다. 本 硏究는 開化이후 洋服과의 이중구조 속에서 洋服이 어떤 과정을 통하여 수용되었으며 그것은 또한 어떤 경로로 전파되어 現代服飾에 이어지고 있는가에 대해 考察해 보았다. 韓國의 女性 洋服은 1890년대 이후 소수의 선각자에 의해 처음 導入되어 이후, 1920년대, 1930년대를 거치면서 기능성을 위주로 한, 제복, 체육복, 아동복을 매개체로 하여 해방이후에는 일반여성의 평상복으로까지 이른다. 또한, 1890년대에 처음 導入된 女性洋服은 1920년대에 이르러 본격적인 도입현상이 나타나며 그 후 오늘날에 이르기까지 외국모드와의 격차는 年代가 올라갈수록 크다. 이러한 과정을 거치는 동안 外國모드는 우리의 衣生活에 그대로 답습되어지는 현상이 계속 나타나고 있음을 알 수 있었다.
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