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集團社會事業에서의 프로그램 活用

集團社會事業에서의 프로그램 活用
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대학원 사회사업학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The value of individuality that has been placed highly in the past is being downgraded due mainly to rapid industrial development. The materialistic way of life coupled with population explosion has made the modern society as a complicated arena. The modern society as complicated as it is now brought about sense of isolation, self-degrading and emotional unbalance, thus resulted in many personal and social problems. The individual began to recognize the necessity of group activity that make them assure and feel of their sense of self-existence, of capability. This group activity also make them possible to have human interaction with one another. In social work field, the group method has widely been used in order to meet such needs as sense of individuality to prevent and/or to treat the rapidly increasing personal and social problems in modern society. The purpose of this paper (study) is to suggest the effective methods to accomplish goals of social group work through the use of program as a tool. For this purpose, the social group works concepts, purposes, basic methodology and applications are introduced. In addition, the concept of programs; three principle elements for programming process, and their important factors which affect the program planning are included. It also present the program media in social group work with emphasis on pedagogy, physical therapy and psycho therapy in area of social work. It shows the ways in which we can maximize the best use of each program media that has potentiality of change. Also, it shows the effective usage of program and the role of social worker at each stage of group development. In conclusion, the program provides valuable aids to development of individuals and groups, help them to have experiences in social interaction, and facilitate to intergrate and develop the group as a one. This can be done when we use the program media, for obvious purposes, that is best suited for a group. It will be possible to improve the effectiveness of program activity through development of new patterns of program that can be applicables to Korean's aptitudes, mentality and societal circumstances.;産業이 發達하고 人口가 膨脹함에 따라 祉會가 複雜해지고 物質이 重視되는 反面 個人에 對한 關心이 줄어들자 사람들은 漸次 疎外感과 自已卑下, 情緖的 不均衡을 느끼게 되었고 그 結果 많은 個人的, 社會的 問題가 대두되었다. 따라서 自身의 存在와 能力에 對한 確信을 얻고 他人과의 相互作用을 願하는 사람들은 集團活動의 必要性을 認識하게 되었다. 社會事業 分野에서도 各 個人의 이러한 要求를 充足시키고 急激히 增加란 個人的, 祉會的 問題를 豫防 또는 치료하기 爲하여 集團方法을 널리 使用하게 되었다. 本 硏究의 目的은 프로그램이란 道具를 利用해서 集團社會事業 目的을 達成하는 效率的인 方案을 提示하고자 하는 것이다. 이를 爲해서 集團社會事業의 槪念, 目的, 基本的 方法論과 그 活用方案을 記述하고 프로그램의 槪念 및 基本要素 프로그램 計劃에 영향을 미치는 要因을 살펴보았다. 또한 프로그램 媒介體를 紹介하고 敎育學, 體育學의 理論 및 精神醫學的 側面의 媒介體를 導入하여 祉會事業과의 聯關性을 모색함으로씨 各프로그램 媒介體가 지닌 變化에의 잠재능력을 最大限度로 活用할 수 있는 方法을 提示하였다. 集團發達段階에 따른 프로그램의 活用性과 社會事業家의 役割도 살펴보았다. 結論論으로 프로그램은 그 集團에 가장 適切한 媒介體를 利用하여 뚜렷한 目的을 가지고 使用할 때 個人과 集團의 成長을 돕고 社會活動(Social action)의 經驗을 주며 集團의 결속과 발달을 促進시킨다. 또한 우리나라 사람들의 적성과 우리나라 실정에 맞는 새로운 形熊의 프로그램을 開發함으로써 프로그램 活動의 效率性을 높일 수 있다고 본다.
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