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dc.description.abstractOwing to the powerful influence and particular characteristics of the electrical wave media, broadcasting cannot avoid government regulation. In view of the social responsibility involved in mass communication, the most desirable type of regulation is self-regulation by the broadcasters. The Korean Broadcasters Ethics Committee functions to protect the broadcasters and to secure freedom from government and other outside pressures. To improve the quality of broadcasting with relation to public interest, convenience and necessity, and for the efficient operation of the committee, it should be clarified how the committee fulfills its role, both through analysis and research of its activities, in an effort to seek out its problems and difficulties. The functions of the committee are to understand, instruct and protect the broadcasters. This research dealing with the members of the committee and the broadcasters is intended to discover inter-relational recognition, correlation, and attitudes of mutual acceptance. The results of this study seem to indicate that the □□cture activities of the committee should be directed toward social, economic, political, and cultural aspects : 1) upgrading the membership of the present committee to professional members, 2) securing impartial regulation with financial and political independence, 3) establishing a research institution and training broadcasters toward professionalization, 4) strengthening cooperation between other mass media and the professional broadcasting critics to resolve the above problems and to attain the goals of the whole society.-
dc.description.tableofcontentsⅠ. 序 = 1 A. 硏究의 目的 = 1 B. 硏究內容 및 方法 = 5 Ⅱ. 매스·코뮤니케이션과 倫理 = 8 A. 매스·코뮤니케이션의 社會的 影響 = 8 B. 社會倫理의 問題 = 16 C. 매스·코뮤니케이션의 社會的 責任理論의 背景 = 22 D. 放送의 社會的效果와 放送 倫理 = 27 Ⅲ. 韓國放送倫理委員會와 放送倫理規程 = 36 A. 韓國放送倫理委員會의 運營狀況 = 37 B. 韓國放送倫理規程의 內容分析 = 42 C. 放送倫理規程에 對한 抵觸事項의 分析과 그 規制에 對한 考察 = 56 Ⅳ. 倫理委員會活動에 對한 評價 = 103 Ⅴ. 問題点 = 111 A. 韓國放送倫理委員會의 獨自性에 대한 問題点 = 112 B. 韓國放送倫理委員의 活動方向과 領域에 對한 問題点 = 124 Ⅵ. 結論 = 130 參考文獻 = 137 附錄-
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dc.publisher이화여자대학교 대학원-
dc.title韓國放送倫理의 自律規制性과 그 問題點-
dc.typeMaster's Thesis-
dc.title.subtitle韓國放送倫理委員會 活動을 中心으로-
dc.format.page6, 138, 6 p.-
dc.identifier.major대학원 사회학과- 2-
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