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韓國家族福祉事業(Family Socialwork)에 對한 小考

韓國家族福祉事業(Family Socialwork)에 對한 小考
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(A) Study on Family Welfare(Family Casework) in Korean Setting
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대학원 사회사업학과
한국가족복지사업Family Socialwork
이화여자대학교 대학원
This study aims at setting up the more proper directions of Family welfare in the Korean setting & finding out more effective methods in Family Casework. The thesis discusses about the present situation of Family welfare agency (Chapter Ⅱ), the analysis and evaluation of the agency in helping the clients-the clients socio-economic characteristics, the agencies' actual operating result, the relationship of clients to the agency and the workers (Chanter Ⅲ), the difficulties of workers and the agencies in activities (Chapter Ⅳ). The information about the functions & activities of the agency was given through the interview with the directors and workers. The research for estimating the help to clients was studied with the home-visit individual interview according to the questionnaire of 100 families. Agencies have little effort of tine attempting the organized operation and the professionally Systematizing development on the professional level. Their help to clients is a temporary arrangement : no more than solving the little economic problems and their in-service training & inter-agency relationship are in the poor state. The cultivation of man-power as the more basic and effective methods substituting for temporary economic help in the present time is urgently demanded. Most workers who lack in attitude of a professional cocial worker are in need of the more knowledge & more displined skill to enable handling the more complicated problems which ill be characterized more with the psychological aspect with economic one.
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