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人體의 律動的 再構成

人體의 律動的 再構成
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朴玉美 .
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대학원 생활미술학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
국 영문초록 수록;人間은 오래전 부터 人體의 신비로운 均衡美와 律動的인 生命感에서 造形的 충동을 불러 일으켜, 人體를 主題로 하여 많은 藝術作品들이 다양한 樣式으로 表現되어 왔다. 硏究者는 발레리나의 律動的 形態를 소재로 하여, 그의 躍動하는 生命力을 形象化 하는 과정을 통하여, 律動的이고 美的 價値가 있는 表現의 可能性을 模索하는데 目的을 두었다. 이를 위한 理論的 背景으로 現代 美術에서 나타난 造形 理念과 그 理念을 바탕으로 表現된, 즉 對象으로 부터 再構成하여 形象化하기 까지의 과정을 考察하였다. 이러한 理論的 背景을 토대로 하여 硏究者의 意圖대로 變形된 律動하는 人體를 리드미컬하게 表現한 染色 作品 12점을制作, 分析한 結果 다음과 같은 結論을 얻었다. 1. 現代 美術에서의 價値는 對象의 外形的 表現美가 아니라, 대상에서 느낀 心的 狀態가 秩序있게 創造的으로 形成되어야 한다는 것을 理解하게 되었고, 2. 律動하는 人體에서의 時間的, 空間的, 律動感은 造形的 특성이 豊富하여 硏究者가 追究하는 美的 表現 對象으로서 적절하였다. 3. 律動的 表現을 위한 面分割에 있어 變化 있는 중에 秩序가 잡힌 비례의 硏究가 必要하다고 보며, 同色과 類似色 使用의 경우 부드러운 분위기의 表現은 容易하나, 염료의 特性으로 인해 變化를 위한 엑센트를 나타내는데는 어려움이 있었다. 4. 防染을 하는 과정에서 材料의 特性으로 인하여 시간상의 問題가 따르고 숙달된 기술면에서의 問題點이 나타났다. 이러한 結果로 보아 染色의 독특한 造形的 技術의 계속적인 硏究와 造形 藝術로서의 새로운 樣式을 개발하므로써 보다 차원 높은 染色 作品의 表現이 可能하리라 생각된다.;The human beings have Long since provoked us to an impulse of formation from its misteriously balanced beauty and rhythmical liveliness. Hence, many works of fine arts based on the theme of human body have been and are presented in diverse modes Thus, dealing with the ballerina's rhythmic forms as a subject matter, I set a purpose of delving into the possibility of the expression of rhythmical and aesthetic value through the process of visualizing her animated life force. As for the theoretical background of my research I inquired into the formative conception of the modern fine arts, and the process of reconstruction and visualization of the object presented on the basis of the conception. With this theoretical background I manufactured and analyzed the twelve dyeing works which rhythmically presented the human bodies in various rhythmic movements according to the intention of the manufacturer. As a result of the production and the analysis I came to the conclusions as follows: First, I perceived that the value of modern fine arts is not manifested An external beauty of an object but consists in the orderly and creative formation of emotional state toward an object. Second, thanks to its rhythmic sense of time and space with abundant formative characteristics, a rhythmically moving human body was suitable to an aesthetic object of presentation I had researched. Third, what was needed from the view point of partition of the space of a work for rhythmical expression Is the study of a well-ordered proportion within variability. With the use of the same and similar colors a mild atmosphere was well presented. However, there was a difficulty of expressing the accents for variation due to the unique qualify of dyestuffs. Fourth, in the process of making a wax printing style, there were the problems of time owing to its peculiar quality and of skillful techniques. Consequently, it seems that the presentation of dyeing works with the higher value than ever would be possible through the continuous research of the unique formative techniques of dyeing and through the improvement of new styles for the dyeing arts as a formative arts.
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