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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021Culturally Shared and Unique Meanings and Expressions of Maternal Control Across Four Cultures박성연Article
2020Does living in a chaotic home predict adolescent delinquency? A moderated mediation model of impulsivity and school connectedness이운경Article
2020Relations between preschooler social competence and coping tactics during resource-based conflicts신나나Article
2020Adolescent extracurricular activity participation: Associations with parenting stress, mother-adolescent closeness, and social skills이운경; 주영선Article
2015Sleep as a Support for Social Competence, Peer Relations, and Cognitive Functioning in Preschool Children신나나Article
2019Preschoolers' secure base script representations in relations to social competence, maternal narrative style and content in a Korean sample신나나Article
2018The moderating role of vertical collectivism in South-Korean adolescents' perceptions of and responses to autonomy-supportive and controlling parenting박성연Article
2000Exploring reciprocal parent and child effects in the case of child inhibition in US and Korean samples박성연Article
2006South Korean mothers' beliefs regarding aggression and social withdrawal in preschoolers박성연Article
2006A cross-cultural study of behavioral inhibition in toddlers: East-West-North-South박성연; 도현심Article
2018System size, collision energy, and rapidity dependence of collective dynamics measured by the PHENIX experiment at RHIC한세영Conference Paper
2008How does culture influence the degree of romantic loneliness and closeness?신나나Article
2016Social Engagement and Adaptive Functioning During Early Childhood: Identifying and Distinguishing Among Subgroups Differing With Regard to Social Engagement신나나Article
2006Parenting beliefs and behaviors: Initial findings from the international consortium for the study of social and emotional development (ICSSED)도현심Book Chapter
2016The effectiveness of a parenting education program based on respected parents & respected children for mothers of preschool-aged children도현심; 신나나; 이운경Article
2011Adolescent spirituality and resilience: Theory, research, and educational practices김상원Article
2011Social skills training and parent education programs for aggressive preschoolers and their parents in South Korea도현심; 김민정Article
2010Student personal perception of classroom climate: Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses김상원Article
2011A Multiple Risk Factors Model of the Development of Aggression Among Early Adolescents From Urban Disadvantaged Neighborhoods김상원Article
2012Perceived parental psychological control and adolescent depressive experiences: A cross-cultural study with Belgian and South-Korean adolescents박성연Article