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헬스센터 회원의 생활체육 실태에 관한 조사 연구

헬스센터 회원의 생활체육 실태에 관한 조사 연구
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(A) STUDY ON SURVEY RELATED TO THE ACTUAL STATE OF "SPORT FOR ALL" OF HEALTH CENTER MEMBERS : With Emphasis on the Health Center of Ace ranking Hotels in Seoul City
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대학원 체육학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
본 연구는 호텔헬스센터회원들의 사회인구학적, 경제적특성과 헬스센터 참여동기, 참여실태 및 이용 만족도를 조사·분석하여 생활체육 실태를 파악하고 보다 나은 호텔헬스센터 운영에 필요한 자료를 제공하는 데 그 목적이 있다. 이와 같은 목적을 달성하기 위하여 본 연구에서는 서울시내에 소재하고 있는 5개 특급호텔 남녀회원 250명을 조사대상으로 추출하였다. 본 연구에서는 헬스센터회원의 생활체육실태를 조사하기위하여 이종훈(1986)의 사회체육센터의 운영현황분석 연구설문지, 한현식(1987)의 사회스포츠진흥을 위한 헬스클럽의 정립방안 연구설문지, 이현진(1983)의 헬스클럽의 여성회원현황 및 시설에 관한 조사분석 설문지, 김연남(1983)의 헬스클럽 활동이 여성건강에 미치는 영향 설문지, Redican과 Hadley의 A Field Studies Project in a City Health and Leisure Club내용과 Prentice와 Bucher(1988) 의 Fitness Boom내용, 최정윤(1981) 의 헬드클럽현장과 그 회원활동의 실태조사 설문지를 기초로하여 " 헬스센터회원의 생활체육 실태에 관한 조사연구(서울 시내 특급호텔 헬스센터를 중심으로) "설문지를 작성하였다. 자료분석을 위하여 본 연구에서 사용한 통계분석 기법은 콰이스퀘어(x^(2)), 빈도분포, 백분율이었다. 이상의 연구방법과 절차를 통하여 호텔헬스센터 회원의 생활체육실태에 관한 조사결과 다음과 같은 결론을 도출할 수 있었다. 첫째, 회원들의 사회인구학적, 경제적 요인을 볼 때 회원의 센터이용은 월수입과 학력 및 직업에 따라 관련이 있다. 먼저 회원은 51세 이상의 고연령층으로 월수입 200만원 이상의 생활 수준을 보이고, 학력 또한 대졸 이상으로 남자는 전문, 자유직 또는 경영, 관리직이며, 여자는 주부가 대부분으로 구성되어 있었다. 둘째, 호텔헬스센터 참여동기는 남녀 모두 건강을 유지하기 위해서 가입한 경우가 제일 많은 분포를 나타내나 이 장소에서 대인관계를 넓힐 수 있는 사교의 장으로도 활용하여 서로 사업상의 도움까지 주고 받고 있으며 비슷한 생활수준의 사람과의 만남으로 여가시간을 이용하고 있는것으로 나타났다. 셋째, 회원의 참여실태를 알아본 결과 회원은 시간을 내서 이곳을 찾고있고 주부의 경우 거의 매일 헬스센터에 나오며 남자도 바쁜 업무 중에도 스트레스를 해소하고 건강을 증진하기 위해 운동의 필요성을 느끼며 나오고 있었다. 운동종목 중에서 수영과 골프는 남녀 모두 선호하였고, 여자는 에어로빅장에서, 남자는 체련장에서 몸매를 다듬고 있었다. 넷째, 헬스센터에 관한 이용만족도는 회비, 지도자, 위생측면에서 대부분 만족하고 있었고 프로그램에는 거의 참여하지 않는 실태였다.;This study is aimed at analysing the survey result on the actual state of "sport for all" of hotel health center members with emphasis on their socio-populous and economic characteristics and the motive of participating in hotel health center as well as the actual status of their participation and satisfactory degree for hotel utilization. In order to achieve such an objective a series of sampling were conducted on the survey subjects of 250 members of men and women belonging to five ace-ranking hotels situated in Seoul city. For conducting the survey on the actual conditions of "sport for all" of the health center members through this study, a series of questionnaires were made on "A Study on Survey related to the Actual State of "Sport for All" of Health Center Members (With Emphasis on the health Center of Ace ranking Hotels in the City of Seoul) on the basis of a questionnaire on surveying on the analysis of current status for operating social sport center conducted by Lee, Jong-Hoon (1986), a questionnaire on the establishment plan of health club for promoting social sport conducted by Han, Hun-sik (1987), the contents of "A Field Studies Project in a City Health and Leisure Club" conducted by Redican and Hadley together with the contents of "Fitness Boom" written by Prentice and Bucher(1988). This study was conducted, for the analysis of data, on the basis of quaisquare (X^(2)) frequency distribution and percentage related to the technique of statistical analysis. Through the above method, as the result of surveying related to the actual state of "sport for all" of health center members, following conclusions have been able to be induced. Firstly, upon looking at the socio-populous and economic factors of the members, it was revealed that the utilization of the health center by the members was linked with their monthly income, academic career and professional jobs. There are the members whose age are above 51 year-old with the living level of more than the monthly income amounting to two million won. Their educational career was also mostly above the level of university graduation. Men-members belong to professional jobs, free lances or top management stratum, and women-members are mostly composed of well-living house wives. Secondly, the highest distribution was revealed that the motivation of participating in the hotel health center has been attributable to such cases they join there because of maintaining their sound health in both men and women of all the members. In addition, it was known that such a place could be utilized for social-gathering advantage in order to broaden their personal relationship so as to gain an exchange of mutual interest on their business-wise intercourse. Thus, such a leisure time was revealed to have been utilized in the meeting of people whose living standard would be similar with one and each other. Thirdly, as the result of observing the actual state of the members participation, they would come there by making their spare time, and in the case of house wives, they would make the best use of the health center almost every day, whereas the male member would also come there with the feeling of necessity for sport in order to ease their stress and to promote a sound health while even they are tied up with busy business schedule. Among their favorite sport items they (both male and female) would all prefer to swimming and playing golf as have been revealed. The women members would enjoy playing themselves at aerobic corner, while the male members are known to be enjoying their physical exercise at body-building corner as well. Fourthly, The satisfaction degree for utilizing the health center was revealed to be mostly affirmative in terms of the membership fee, coaches guidance and the sanitation aspect. However, on the contrary to the above described fact, it was revealed to be the actual phenomenon that most of the members would not almost participate in the specific programs provided by the health center.
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