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직장인의 여가활동 실태 조사연구

직장인의 여가활동 실태 조사연구
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Survey of the Leisure activities of the workers in Korean Businesses
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교육대학원 체육교육전공
직장인여가활동Leisure activities
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
韓國은 1980年代 이전의 經濟成長政策우선에서 社會開發과 安定에 力點을 두는 福祉社會로 轉換됨에 따라 餘暇活動이 모든 生活領域에서 차지하는 비중이 점차로 커지게 됨으로 經濟弟一主義의 時代에서 일의 重要性과 함께 餘暇의 重要性이 대두되었다. 이러한 狀況에서 본 硏究는 大企業 勤勞者들을 대상으로 하여 1) 職場人들은 餘暇의 槪念에 대하여 어떻게 意識하고 있는가? 2) 職場人들은 餘暇를 어떻게 活用하고 있는가? 3) 職場人들은 餘暇活動에 대하여 얼마나 滿足하고 있는가? 4) 職場內에서 日課는 어떻게 보내고 있는가? 5) 職場內 餘暇施設은 어느정도 存在하고 그 利用律은 어떠한가? 6) 職場內에서의 餘暇活動에 대하여 얼마나 滿足하고 있는가? 로 나누어 職場人들의 現在 餘暇活動을 經驗的으로 調査하고 大衆餘暇時代에 알맞는 餘暇活動을 즐기고 있는지 여부를 파악하는 實態分析이 그 目的이다. 硏究方法으로는 經驗調査法중 質問紙 調査法을 使用하였으며, 주로 교차표(CROSS TABLES)分析으로 資料들은 모두 SPSS Package를 利用하여 電算處理하였고 χ^(2) 檢證으로 統計 處理하였다. 硏究對象으로는 大企業 勤勞者들을 母集團으로 하여 無作爲로 標集하였으며 對象人員數는 事務職 291名 生産職 284名이었고 男子는 304名 女子는 271名이었다. 調査는 9月初 預備調査이후 本調査은 약 한달간 (1986.9.5∼1986.10.3)實識되었으며 17개 企業體에서 總575부를 標集하였다. 質問紙調査를 通하여 分析한 結果는 다음과 같다. 1. 勤勞者들의 餘暇에 대한 槪念은 單純한 놀이의 次元에서 벗어나 自我開發이나 다음일을 위한 에너지蓄積으로 認識하고 있으며 餘暇의 必要性은 대부분 느끼고 있었으나 具體的으로 餘暇活動의 內容을 보면 바람직한 餘暇形態의 水準은 아니었다. 2. 職場內에서의 餘暇活用實態를 보면 積極的인 段階가 아닌 消極的 水準에 머물고 있으며 事務職 勤勞者 보다는 年産職 勤勞者들이 職場內 餘暇活動에 대하여 더 많은 觀心을 보였고 勤務條件과 職場內 滿足度와의 관계는 有意한 差異가 있었다.;In the 1980's the Korean government's economic and social policies have changed from an emphasis on economic development and security to the betterment of social welfare and stability Leisure has gradually become a prime concern of the workers as work became the present economy-prioritism. The objective of the thesis is to analyze the leisure activities of the employees working in Korea's big businesses, with the following questions : 1. What do the welters think leisure is? And what does leisure mean to them? 2. How do they spend their leisure time? 3. Are they satisfied with their leisure activities? To what degree? 4. How do they spend their free time during their daily work hours? 5. What are the facilities for their leisure activities and how often and how much do they use the facilities? 6. Are they satisfied with their leisure activities they have among their co-workers? To what degree? The emphasis is on finding out about whether or not the workers are having adequate leisure activities for their various needs they might have in a time of mass leisure. The research method was experiential data gathered by questionnaires. The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences(SPSS) facilitated Cross-Table handling of the data. Subjects of the survey were volunteers in large scale commercial enterprises A random sampling was first conducted of 291-clerical and 284-production line workers with 304 males and 271 females, respectively. The survey was carried out between 1986 September 5 and October in 17 companies to a total of 575 workers. The results of the study are as follows: 1) The workers' leisure consciouness has increased and expanded from the level of simple enjoyment and pleasure-seeking to the level of self-development and energy restoration for their work and life. The necessity of leisure is recognized, however the contents of Leisure activities are below the level of adequacy. 2) Leisure activities they are having among their co-workers are still far from an active level and production line workers showed far more interest in leisure activities than clerical workers.
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