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서울市內 肢體不自由 學生들의 餘暇生活에 관한 調査硏究

서울市內 肢體不自由 學生들의 餘暇生活에 관한 調査硏究
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대학원 체육학과
서울시내지체부자유 학생여가생활sports 활동
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It would help them immensely, if we instruct those students who have a defect physically, to have a satisfying leisure in the process of overcoming their psychological tension and inferiority due to physical defect. Sport or recreational activities during leisure time, are the most effective methods to experience joy and satisfy the needs. The purpose is to indicate which is the most effective catalytic strategy and problems related, after examining the degree of interest and sport activities among leisure life of users and non-users of Goung Leep Club- which is established to provide a sound sport activities with it's required facilities for physically disabled persons. Subjects are 145 users and 127 non-users of disabled students of Goung Leep Club, who are attending the girl and boy Senior High Schools situated within Seoul city for the present. Taking the Individuals mentioned above as the subjects, the survey was conducted on the extent of participation and interest of leisure utilization and sport activities. The followings are the summary of the result : 1. The content of the leisure activities are that, it was generally opinionated that they pursued 'Emotional Security' and, male is more active than female - which also means that group A is more active than group B - in the respect of 'Health promotion'. 2. All the students were aware of the need for exorcises. And male students had higher degree of Interest and participation than female students concerning 'Sport Activities'. 3. The group A was more diverse than group B concerning type and uses of exercises and interest degree of their families. Also their families had a higher degree of interest. 4. On degree of interest in the "Olympics for the Disabled", the male students (A) were higher than the female students (B). And 44.7% of group A responded that 'I want to participate as a player'. 5, The reason for not having exercises for the group A is that 'They lacked facility' and 'Physical condition' for the group B. It was represented that 'Cultural facility' for the female students and 'Sport facility' for the male students, were the need for the facility thought to be adequate on their part. Consequently, for the sound personality development, health promotion and management of normal daily life for the physically disabled individuals, the concern of family and society, one's own striving and especially equipping of the facility and environment for the disabled are needed.;餘暇活動은 人間의 性格形成에 重要한 要素가 될 뿐만 아니라 풍요로운 삶의 基本條件이 되는 것이다. 特히 非正常的인 性格의 所有者가 되기 쉬운 肢體不自由者들을 爲하여 그들에게 適切한 敎育이 이루어져야 하는데, 그 中에서도 Sports 活動은 特別한 指導와 環境條件을 具備해야 할 것이다. 本 硏究는 現在 高等學校에 在學中인 肢體不自由 學生들을 對象으로 餘暇活動에 對한 實態를 調査하여 보다 效率的인 Program과 敎育計劃을 爲한 基礎資料를 提供하려는데 目的을 두었다. 調査 對象은 서울市內 男·女 高等學校에 在學中인 肢體不自由 學生으로 "A" Group (正立會館 利用者) 145名과 "B" Group (非利用者) 127名을 對象으로 하였다. 調査結果를 要約하면 다음과 같다. 1. 餘暇活動內容은 「TV視聽」이 26.1%로 가장 높게 나타났고, 希望하는 餘暇活動은 「旅行」이 38.6%로 가장 많으며 「스포오츠 活動」은 "A" Group이 "B" Group보다 4.4% 높게 나타났다. 2. 運動의 必要性에 對한 認識은 「꼭 必要하다」, 「必要한 편이다」에서 "A" Group 85.5%, "B" Group 73.3%로 모든 學生들이 運動의 必要性을 認識하고 있으며 "A" Group이 "B" Group보다 12.2% 높게 나타났다. 3. 스포오츠 活動에 對한 參與는 「參與한다」에 "A" Group 66.2%, "B" Group 50.4%로 "A" Group이 "B" Group보다 15.8% 높게 나타났다. 4. 實施하는 運動種目은 "A" Group이 "B" Group보다 「궁도」, 「사격」, 「수영」 等 多樣한 種目을 實施하고 있는 것으로 나타났다. 5. 餘暇施設의 必要性에 對한 要求로는 「스포오츠 施設」 "A" Group 41.4%, "B" Group 22.8%이고 「文化施設」은 "A" Group 33.1% "B" Group 48.0%로 "A" Group은 「스포오츠 施設」을, "B" Group은 「文化施設」을 要求하고 있는 것으로 나타났다.
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