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dc.description.abstractMany nations in all over the. world have a variety of different problems and social backgrounds i n education. In this way, the Educational reforms and contents are presented in various ways, depending upon the characters of each nation and educational area. My study lies in seeking main points of educational development and reform of management in our nation's education by analysing deeply and comparing the trends of America and Japan toward educational reforms. I research each nation's current trends of educational reform, educational background, the end of educational reform, the process of educational reform, subjective educational reform through referring to documents. The results of analysing and comparing these contents are as follows ; The educational reforms of America are being made under acknowledgement that American educational reforms cause the lower quality of education in school and make America in eager of education and the in provement of teaching method, the contents of learning, the adjustment of curriculum management method, the solidification of math. science. cumpter and the consideration of teacher's qualification, the reinforcement of colleage entrance examination, etc., are under according to its states in U.S.A. . The educational reform in Japan, presents the reform bill of college entrance system, the self-control and elasticity of college entrance qualification, the six-year middle school system, the reform bill of semester, in that Japan's educational reform causes the deterioration of school education, the systematical Uniformity by future informative society. Many people in Japan oint out the deterioration of school education, the systematical uniformity of singular education system, the fact that the educational reform in Japan is deficient in coping with the international and future informative society, and establish "the Committee of Temporary Education Reform" and present the respect of pecularity, various education the education against the informative internationalization, the embodiment of life-long education as its reform doctrine. Korean educational preparation only for entrance examination emerge as social problems, establishes "the Committee of Education Reform" for the nomalization of education and lays down the reform of the educational system and entrance system, the modernization of school equipment, the security of good teacher, the reform of educational contents and methods, the development of scientific brains, the colleage's pursuit of superiority, the settlement of life-long education system, the self-control of education administration, epoch-making increase in educational investment, ets,. The common results of each nation's comparing and analysing the trend of educational reform are as follows ; 1. Nation is the organizer of educational reform. 2. The international effect increase educational reform. 3. There are common things among which cause educational reform. 4. Each nation's educational reform has the relation between t them as continuously social evolution process. By comparing the educational reform of America with that of Japan, we can the indicated points of Korean educational reform are as follows ; 1. To begin with, the equalization of educational opportunity is emphasized in the educational reform. 2. The primary, and middle school education system should be flexible in a great degree. 3. The integration of the latter termed middle school should be made positively. 4. The superiority of high school education should be considered. 5. The self-control of educational administration should be enforced positively. As we see the results above, the important things emphasized by the Korean educational reform are as follow ; 1. The reasonal demonstration against our educational problems and reform of necessarily present conditions should be established. 2. The limit of educational reform role should be stipulated clearly. 3. We establish our pan-national of educational reform and support system.;世界 각국의 敎育狀況은 실로 다양하며 서로 다른 문제와 社會的 背景을 갖고 있다. 그에따라 敎育改革도 다양한 형태를 나타내고 있어 나라의 성격과 교육의 영역에 따라 그 改革의 內容과 過程이 다르게 나타나고 있는 것은 불가피하다. 그럼에도 불구하고 敎育改革動向을 다른 나라와 비교하는 것은 敎育이 國家發展과 國際競爭力을 좌우하는 결정적 관건이 되고 있기 때문이다. 따라서 본 硏究는 우리 나라보다 선진국이면서 우리와 유사한 敎育制度를 가지고 있는 美國과 日本을 선정하여 최근 그 나라들의 敎育改革動向을 비교 분석하여 그들이 경험한 각종 문제들을 파악하여 봄으로써, 현재 추진중인 우리 나라 敎育改革運營 및 敎育發展에 유의한 시사점을 모색하고자 하였다. 문헌연구를 통해 각국의 현행 敎育改革動向을 敎育改革의 背景, 敎育改革의 目標, 敎育改革의 推進經過, 과제별 敎育改革 內容을 비교하여 공통점을 추출하고, 美國과 日本의 敎育改革動向을 敎育機會의 均等化, 初·中等敎育制度의 柔軟化, 中等敎育의 統合化, 高等敎育의 質 提高, 敎育行政의 自律化 및 地方分權化로 나누어서 비교·분석한 것을 토대로 韓國敎育改革에의 시사점을 모색하고, 韓國의 敎育改革案이 구체화되고 실행에 옮겨질 때 강조되어야 할 사항을 살펴보았다. 結論的으로, 本 硏究의 결과를 토대로 하여 볼 때, 韓國의 敎育改革의 推進科程에 있어서 특히 강조되어야 할 점은 다음과 같다. 1) 우리의 敎育問題와 改革의 불가피한 현실여건에 타당한 論證이 確立되어야 한다. 2) 改革機能의 限界를 분명히 해야 한다. 3) 우리의 敎育改革에 관한 汎國民的 輿論의 수렴과 支援體制를 確立해야 한다.-
dc.description.tableofcontents목차 = ⅲ 論文槪要 = ⅵ Ⅰ. 緖論 = 1 A. 硏究의 必要性 및 目的 = 1 B. 硏究의 內容 = 3 C. 硏究의 方法 = 3 D. 硏究의 制限點 = 4 Ⅱ. 外國의 敎育改革 = 5 A. 敎育改革의 理論 = 5 B. 1980年代 美國의 敎育改草 = 8 C. 1980年代 日本의 敎育改革 = 23 Ⅲ. 韓國의 敎育改革 = 37 A. 敎育改革의 歷史的 變遷 = 37 B. 敎育改革의 背景 = 47 C. 敎育改革의 推進經過 = 54 D. 敎育敎革의 目標 = 57 E. 敎育敎革의 內容 = 60 Ⅳ. 比較·分析 = 72 Ⅴ. 要約 및 結論 = 81 參考文獻 = 92 ABSTRACT = 95-
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dc.title韓國敎育改革에 관한 硏究-
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dc.title.subtitle美國·日本과 比較하여-
dc.title.translated(A) STUDY OF KOREA'S EDUCATIONAL REFORM : comparing with the case of America's and Japan's-
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