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의사소통 능력 향상을 위한 중국어 평가 문항에 대한 연구

의사소통 능력 향상을 위한 중국어 평가 문항에 대한 연구
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교육대학원 중국어교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
This study, through analysis of question items on the high school level made by teachers following the 6th curriculum and of evaluation status questionnaire, intends to diagnose to what extent the evaluation reflects the curriculum and to propose a reform measure. Summary of the study is as below. First, as suggested in the curriculum of Chinese Language, it is necessary, while minimizing separating type evaluation question items that ask simple linguistic knowledge, to develop integrated evaluation question type that induces an integrated language and communication ability with introducing direct evaluation measure like practical oral testing. Second, while paying close attention to the indiscriminate overall evaluation including broad language understanding and expression capability, it seems necessary to develop effective question items that would evaluate listening and speaking,, for which many schools are unable to practice due to the difficulties in creating proper question items. Third, since current evaluation is heavily focused on the limited range of communication ability around confirming facts, casual and personal relationship, there should be a measure that enables to do fair evaluation over general communication ability. Although evaluation on language ability is done fairly well in regard to individual life and personal relationship for that matter, it seems also urgent to put further emphasis on the cultural aspects, so as to enhance practical language ability via due understanding for the Chinese culture. Fourth, the question items for evaluation requires circumspection since the evaluation by school system is not only critical for method and content of teaching and learning, but also becomes a basis of academic records for going on to colleges or universities. Therefore, question items must be consist of items that may discriminate upper and lower groups of students with a proper degree of difficulty. Also, items must be developed with a pertinence in the content that would fit the purpose and context of the very evaluation. Fifth, from the analysis of questionnaires, it has been found that teacher recognize the importance of communication ability, but point out overcrowding classroom and lack of evaluation time as problems. As for this matter, it seems urgently necessary, on the level of Ministry of Education, to expand training opportunities abroad, to develop teaching method, and evaluation measure and tools accordingly.
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