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유기산의 Hydroxamic acid의 합성과 응용에 관한 연구

유기산의 Hydroxamic acid의 합성과 응용에 관한 연구
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本 硏究는 芳香族有機酸(benzoic, p-chloro-, p-nitro-, o- 및 p-hydroxybenzoic acid)와 amino acid(glycine, leucine, glutamic acid, lysine)의 hydroxamic acid 誘導體들을 合成하여 그 化學的 性質을 硏究檢討 한 다음 ion exchange chromatography法으로 有機酸의 hydroxamate가 有機酸의 分離에 어떤 效果를 가지는가를 硏究한 것이며 그 應用에 關한 硏究結果를 要約하면 다음과 같다. 1. 合成한 hydroxamic acid들은 UV및 IR spectrophotometry에 依하여 確認하였다. 2. 이들 hydroxamic acid들은 酸性溶液에서 赤紫色의 Fe(Ⅲ)-hydroxamate complex를 形成하며 그 組成의 mole 比는 1:1이었다. 3. Hydroxamic acid가 酸性溶液에서 Fe3+ ion과 安定한 赤色-赤紫色의 complex를 形成하는 것을 利用하여 ion exchange chromatogrhphy에 依하여 分離하였으며 또 Fe3+ ion과 有色의 complex를 形成할 수 있는 몇 개의 芳香族 有機酸과 分離하였다. 4. 定量에 應用할 수 있는 最適濃度 範圍는 1*102-103 ㎍/㎖이다. 끝으로 有機酸의 Fe(Ⅲ)-hydroxamic acid 錯體의 赤紫色의 遊離有機酸에 依하여 그 色이 定量的으로 減少되는 것을 利用하여 몇가지 hydroxy acid의 定量을 하였다. ; This study intends to examine chemical properties of derivatives of hydroxamic acid in aromatic organic acid(benzoic, p-holoro-, p-nitro-, o- and p-hydroxybenzonic acid)and in amino acid(glycine, leucine, glutamic acid, lysine)by synthesis, and to examine, by ion exchange chromatographic method, how hydroxamate in organic acid is effected the separation of organic acid. The results are as follows: 1. Synthesized hydroxamic acids are identified by UV and IR spectropyotometry. 2. These hydroxamic acids form red-voilet Fe(Ⅲ)-hydroxamate complex in acid solution and are composed by the molar ration of one to one. 3. According to ion exchange chromatographic method, hydroxamic acids in acid solution are separated by the utilization of forming Fe3+ ion and stable red or red-violet complex, and seperated from some aromatic organic acids which are able to form Fe3+ ion and colored complex. 4. The optimum concentration range which can be applicable to quantity proves to be 1*102-103 ㎍/㎖. 5. The absorbance of Fe(Ⅲ)-hydroxamate complex in an aqueous or acetate medium deminishes quantitively by adding a samll quantity of aliphatic organic acids. This result can be employed as the basis for a simple spectrophotometric method for the determination of some aliphatic hydroxy acids.
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