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인삼과 niacin이 가토의 지질대사에 미치는 영향에 대하여

인삼과 niacin이 가토의 지질대사에 미치는 영향에 대하여
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대학원 의학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
[主論文] Adult rabbits fed under the same condition, were divided into 5 groups. One group(first group)was used as control. The second, thrid, fourth, and fifth groups were given every day cholesterol, a mixture of cholesterol and niacin, a mixture of cholesterol and ginseng powder, and ginseng powder respectively. The contents of serum cholesterols, phospholipid, β-lipoprotein, total lipid, and serum GOT activity, were determined during whole experimental period of 72 days. The results obtained are as follows. 1)Feeding of cholesterol to rabbits produced a marked increase in the contents of serum cholesterol, phospholipid, β-lipoprotein and total lipid in proportion to its feeding duration. 2)The third group given cholesterol and niacin, showed a slight increase in serum cholesterol contents during an initial period, followed by their marked decrease below normal value. 3)In the forth group given cholesterol and ginseng, the serum cholesterol contents showed a gradual increase but to a much lesser extent than those of the second group. The serum phospholipid contents increased for the first half of the period and declined to control value thereafter. The serum total lipid showed a gradual but very slight increase and the β-lipoprotein content decreased gradually reaching below control value, except its initial slight rise. 4)In the fifth group fed ginseng powder, the serum cholesterol, phospholipid, total lipid and β-lipoprotein content tended to decrease. 5)The second group fed the cholesterol showed a sharp increase in serum GOT activity from the 18th day after cholesterol administration, suggesting the appearance of atherosclerotic lesion, whereas no such an alteration was observed in the other groups. [副論文1] The serum Ca, Mg and free amino acid contents of normal Koreans were determined. The results obtained are as follows (1)The serum Ca contents of male and female Koreans are 8.8 +- 0.90 mg/dl, 9.0+- 1.06mg/dl respectively (2)The serum Mg content of male and female Koreans are 2.20+- 0.29mg/dl, 2.21+-0.22mg/dl respectively. (3)The serum free amino acid contents of male and female Koreans are 6.14+-1.06Nmg/dl, 5.93+-1.00Nmg/dl respectively. (4)No great difference was observed between the results of author and those of other investigators dealing with foreign people. [副論文2] The effects of whole-body X-irradiation on the serum β-lipoprotein level and transaminase(SGO-T)activity of rabbits were examined. Two X-ray doses, 300r and 600r,. were used here. The measurement of serum β-lipoprotein and SGO-T activity was made at varying intervals up to 40 days following exposure to whole-body X-irradiation along with unirradiated control animals. The results observed are as follows (1)There occurred an initial decrease in the serum β-lipoprotein level within 12 hours after X-irradiation and followed by its gradual increase, reaching maximum level 1-3 days after irradiation, and thereafter decline to normal level. (2)A prompt and marked elevation of SGO-T activity was shown after X-ray irradiation, attaining top level at 48 hours after exposure to irradiation, and followed by gradual decrease to return to normal. (3)Such effects of X-irradiation on these serum components are X-ray dose-dependent, namely, the larger the dose, the more initial depression(in the case of β-lipoprotein)or the more elevation of the peak, and the more delayed period for recovery were observed. (4)Discussion was attempted to touch the mechanisms involved in such irradiation effects.
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