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dc.description.abstractThe final purpose of learning foreign language can be found in mastering the understanding ability that a person can express his or her own feeling or thought freely with the relevant foreign language. For this purpose, it is very important to select reasonable and proper vocabulary and to understand the meaning in speaking or writing. Therefore, this study is to recognize importance of vocabulary in learning foreign language, to free from standardized vocabulary teaching methods, and to ultimately present various and effective vocabulary teaching plans. In chapter 2, first, meanings and features of the vocabulary ability were examined to find what meanings of vocabulary and vocabulary itself have - a base in language study. And, the author is to examine how vocabulary teaching has been carried out in various language teaching ways, to arrange theories considered to be suitable for language teaching, and to utilize them in suggesting language teaching plans in this study. In addition, principles of language teaching assisted by multiple scholars were examined and the principles decided effectively in teaching Chinese vocabulary were described. In chapter 3, on the basis of theories in chapter 2, visual- audio aids, context, meaning relation of vocabulary, and game were suggested as effective vocabulary teaching means. And, reason and meaning of selecting each teaching method were also described, and how to apply these teaching plans to teaching Chinese vocabulary was specified with detailed examples. In chapter 4, a language teaching class model was suggested to utilize the teaching plans in chapter 3 in the class actually. The class model was prepared by selecting a lesson of high-school Chinese textbook with Powerpoint. Study on Vocabulary teaching has been considered to be neglected as compared to its importance. The author wishes this study to help studies on Chinese vocabulary teaching somewhat, and expects studies on features of Chinese vocabulary, systematic study on the teaching plans, and active planning of the applications.-
dc.description.tableofcontents논문개요 1. 서론 = 1 1.1. 연구의 목적 및 필요성 = 1 1.2. 연구의 내용 = 3 2. 이론적 배경 = 4 2.1. 어휘와 어휘력의 의미 = 4 2.1.1. 어휘의 의미 = 4 2.1.2. 어휘력의 의미 및 특성 = 5 2.2. 어휘의 구분 = 9 2.3. 언어 교수법에서 어휘 지도의 위치 = 10 2.4. 어휘 지도의 원리 = 14 3. 중국어 어휘 지도 방안 = 20 3.1. 시각-청각 교재를 통한 지도 = 20 3.1.1. 시청각 교육의 의의 = 20 3.1.2. 시청각 교재의 종류 및 활용법 = 21 3.2. 문맥을 통한 지도 = 25 3.2.1. 문맥 학습의 의의 = 25 3.2.2. 문맥적 단서의 종류 및 활용법 = 27 3.3. 어휘의 의미관계를 통한 지도 = 31 3.3.1. 의미관계 지도의 의의 = 31 3.3.2. 의미의 계열적 관계를 활용한 지도 = 32 3.3.3. 의미의 결합적 관계를 활용한 지도 = 40 3.4. 게임을 통한 지도 = 41 3.4.1. 게임 활용의 의의 = 41 3.4.2. 구체적인 단어게임의 활용 = 42 4. 중국어 어휘지도 수업모형 = 50 5. 결론 = 57 참고문헌 = 59 Abstract = 63-
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dc.title중국어 어휘 지도 방안-
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