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토론식 문학수업을 통한 학생 인성교육

토론식 문학수업을 통한 학생 인성교육
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교육대학원 독일어교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
This paper is a study on Bertolt Brecht's "Der Kaukasische Kreidekreis" and Friedrich Du¨rrenmatt's "Ein Engel kommt nach Babylon" as a material of practical educational program of the literary works for education of human character in high school. Bertolt Brecht and Friedrich Du¨rrenmatt are among the German modern dramatists who handle criticism and a satire of modern politics and society in their own style. In the 20th century, rapid development of science technology and that of industrial society brought about the tragic situation like the ignorance of human dignity, the use of human as slavery and the means of something. There is no exception to school education. Although we put the high value on the high technological situation given by development of science civilization and technology, the worth and the importance of human itself was gradually decreased. Moreover our special importance cannot but give stress to the acute entrance examination in our current educational environment for high school on modern materialism. Thus, there is rare chance of education of human character. It is a natural result that modern literature is in charge of role which criticize the whole field of society; social contradiction and hypocrisy, wariness for science and materialism, modern human's anxiousness and alienation, humanity loss in modern society, and etc. Hence we can expect the positive effects on improvement of lack of human character education and convince of students' barren emotion point of view through a study on how to make literary work criticize society and cope with in each situation. I'm looking forward to students' reconsidering justice and truth through analysis for new law and justice by judge Azdak who appears in the confused age in "Der Kaukasische Kreidekreis". Besides, it is expected that mature opinion and thinking can be changed through discussion after careful consideration about the true meaning of nation with "Ein Engel kommt nach Babylon". After their closing a discussion of literary works, I hope that students will get the chance of human character education for themselves through suggestions on the subject of discussion and educational discussion with analysis of literary works. Furthermore, I expect that students can build up their own advanced values and erect the basis of morality.
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