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dc.description.abstractNigeria has been labeled as a leading country of origin, transit and destination for human trafficking especially as regards the trafficking of the under-aged. This study focuses on the causes and effects of sex trafficking in Nigerian families using Edo state as a case study. With particular focus on women and young girls who are trafficked for commercial sex work in Europe which stands as a social drawback in Nigeria. Interviews were conducted and questionnaires were administered to collect relevant data which were analyzed, using simple percentage method. It was discovered that socioeconomic and socio-cultural factor are the primary driving force behind the trade. However, other factors such as breakdown of social and family structures, large family size, gender inequalities, illiteracy and greed for the remittances received by parents from the their daughters abroad among other factors are also why many Nigerian women are vulnerable to trafficking. This aims to identify the nature and effects of sex trafficking amongst the people of Edo state, and the implication it has on the family as the basic social institution. Relationship between socioeconomic and socio-cultural aspect of the families and the victim’s vulnerability to trafficker’s initiation into the ring of trafficking will be examined too. Besides the extent of trafficking has been broadening beyond the Nigerian brothels, criminals working in organized networks treat the victims like commodities, buying and selling them for profit and never ending the vicious cycle of sex trading.;나이지리아는 인신매매의 온상으로 알려져 있으며, 특히 미성년자들을 대상으로 한 인신매매가 성행 중이다. 이 연구는 나이지리아 가족 안에서 성 매매의 원인과 영향을 알아보기 위해 Edo 주의 사례를 중심으로 진행된다. 나이지리아의 사회적 문제로 인식되는 유럽에서의 성 매매를 위해 인신매매된 여성과 미성년의 여자 아이들을 중심으로 살펴본다. 분석된 인터뷰들과 설문지들이 데이터와 사용되고 간단한 퍼센트 방법으로 사용되었다. 밝혀진 바로는 사회경제적 그리고 사회문화적 요소들이 인신매매를 유도하는 주된 요인이다. 그러나 그 밖의 다른 요소들, 가령 사회와 가족 구성의 붕괴, 대형 가족, 성불평등, 문맹률과 부모들의 송금액에 대한 욕심 등이 나이지리아 여성들을 인신매매로부터 취약하게 만드는 것으로 드러났다. 이 연구는 Edo 주의 사례를 중심으로 성 매매의 환경과 영향을 밝히고 가족을 가장 기본적인 사회 조직으로서의 영향에 대해 조사한다. 가족에 대한 사회경제적 관점과 사회문화적 관점과의 관계와 피해자의 취약점이 거래에 어떤 영향을 주는지 알아볼 것이다. 나이지리아 의 매매춘의 온상지를 넓히는 것 외에도 조직화된 범죄 구성원들이 피해자들을 대상으로 취급하고 이윤을 위해 사고파는 등의 행위가 성 매매의 악순환을 초래하고 있다.-
dc.description.tableofcontentsI. INTRODUCTION 1 SEX TRAFFICKING 12 GLOBALIZATION AND SEX TRAFFICKING 14 AN OVERVIEW OF THE PROBLEMS OF TRAFFICKING IN NIGERIA 16 SOCIO-ECONOMIC FACTOR THAT ENCOURAGE THE GROWTH OF SEX TRAFFICKING 20 SEX TRAFFICKING AND HEALTH PROBLEMS 24 1. Law enforcement agents 28 2. Pimps 29 3. Barons (Madams) 30 4. Brothels 31 5. Clients 31 THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK 32 i. Anomie Theory 33 ii. Social Control Theory 36 Synthesis 37 A Theoretical Explanation on the Effects of Sex Trafficking on Nigerian Families 39 III. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODOLOGY 42 Research Design 42 V. DATA PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS 52 Social Background, Initiation Patterns, Process and Determinants of Vulnerability to being trafficked 57 Socio-demographic characteristics of the respondents 68 1. Sources of Initiation 70 2. Promises, Negotiations and Condition attached to the process of Trafficking 72 3. Process of Initiation and Trafficking Routes 75 4. Initiation Age into Sex Trafficking 77 Social factors and cause of victims vulnerability to traffic amongst the families in Edo 78 1. Parental Supervision and Monitoring 79 2. Family Stability 80 3. Parents and Childrens Education and Ignorance 82 4. Family Financial Status 84 5. Peer Influence and Bad Environment 85 6. Bad Governmental Policies and Unemployment 86 Effects of Sex trafficking on Edo families 88 VI. Role of the Nigerian Government and Nongovernmental Organization in Reducing the Prevalence and Rehabilitating Victims of Sex Trafficking 94 Efforts of Idia Renaissance, Edo State 96 SUMMARY AND DISCUSSION OF MAJOR FINDINGS 102 CONCLUSIONS 107 RECOMMENDATIONS 109 REFERENCES 112 APPENDIX I 122 APPENDIX II 123 APPENDIX III 125 APPENDIX IV 126 APPENDIX V 127 APPENDIX VI 128 ABSTRACT IN KOREAN 132-
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dc.titleThe Causes and Effects of Sex Trafficking in Nigerian Families-
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