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‘낯설게 하기’ 표현기법에 의한 멀티브랜드샵 파사드(Facade) 디자인 연구

‘낯설게 하기’ 표현기법에 의한 멀티브랜드샵 파사드(Facade) 디자인 연구
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Research on Multi Brand Shop Façade Design by the ‘Defamiliarization’ Expression Technique
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디자인대학원 디자인학과실내디자인전공
이화여자대학교 대학원
This research is aimed at connect the conception of ‘Defamiliarization’ showed up a phenomenon in the Russian literature in the 1920s to the modeling expression and theoretical relevance of architecture. Under the hypothesis that when strange stimuli are applied to the inevitable dailiness of architecture familiarized by fragmentation, fixation, and abstraction caused by architecture’s habitual relationship, new relations are formed unlike the essence of architecture to continue as strange moments, this research intends to present the new relationship between the various and plentiful visual experiences of limited objects through dismantling the boundary of space and the perception of buildings themselves by establishing the multi-layered corresponding relationship between users and objects through façade by means of conducting a research on multi brand shop façade design by the ‘Defamiliarization’ technique. This thesis is to present the ‘Defamiliarization’ expression technique as a differentiation strategy of the commercial space façade design in order to enhance the brand image by presenting the new relation of the perception of façade itself as a boundary surface. In order to apply this, this research was conducted as a process of studying multi brand shop façade design by applying the ‘becoming strange’ expression technique, while aiming at being able to present a developmental design direction to short-lived façade designs in pursuit of tangible effects according to the fashion of buildings consisting of simple and unified mass which exists in modern mega cities to the largest density. The contents and composition of this research are as follows.;1920년 러시아 문학의 현상으로 나타난 ‘낯설게 하기’의 개념을 건축의 조형표현 및 이론적 상관성으로 관련 짓고자 한다. 건축의 습관적 관계에 의한 단편화, 고정화,추상화로 친숙하게 된 건축의 불가피한 일상성에 낯선 자극이 가해지면, 건축물이 가진 본질과는 다른 새로운 관계를 형성하여 낯 설음의 순간들로 지속시킬 수 있다는 가설 하에, 파사드(facade)를 통한 사용자와 오브제간의 다층적인 대응관계를 설정함으로써 공간의 경계를 허물고 한정된 오브제의 다양하고 풍부한 시각적 경험과 건축물 그 자체에 대한 인식에 새로운 관계를 ‘낯설게 하기’표현기법에 의한 멀티브랜드샵 파사드(facade)디자인 연구를 통해 제시하도록 한다. 본 연구는 브랜드 이미지 재고를 위한 상업공간 파사드 디자인의 차별화 전략으로서 ‘낯설게 하기’ 표현기법을 제안하는 것이다.
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