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우리나라 別莊住宅(Second Home)에 관한 地理學的 硏究

우리나라 別莊住宅(Second Home)에 관한 地理學的 硏究
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(A) Geographical Study of the Location Characteristics and Distribution Pattern of Second home in Korea
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대학원 사회생활학과
별장주택지리학second home사회생활학
이화여자대학교 대학원
別莊住宅은 人間의 레크레이션 行態가 空間에 구체적으로 나타난 독특한 模型이다. 本 硏究는 우리나라의 別莊住宅을 商業用 別莊住宅(콘도미니엄)과 自家用 別莊住宅 (別莊) 으로 크게 나누어 空間的 分布形態를 분석하고, 그러한 空間分布가 나타나는 데 영향한 背景과 立地特性, 利用者 特性을 고찰하였다. 연구방법으로는 문헌 연구의 전국 각 군청에서 얻은 別莊現況 자료와 각종 유인물, 설문지를 기초로 지도화 및 통계분석을 실시하였다. 연구 결과는 다음과 같다. 첫째, 우리나라의 商業用 別莊住宅(콘도미니엄)은 특정 관광지역에 집중 분포하였고, 自家用 別莊住宅(別莊)은 대도시 근교지역에서 점차 외곽으로 확산되어가는 동심원상의 분포를 보이고 있다. 둘째, 別莊住宅 利用者는 사회경제적 지위가 비교적 높은 사람들이며, 콘도미니엄의 대중화로 中産層까지 그 利用 범위가 확대되고 있는 실정이다. 앞으로 別莊住宅은 大衆化의 方向을 모색하고 정부차원에서의 건설을 추진함으로써 관광지 개발 및 지역 개발 정책의 일익을 담당하여야 할 것이다.;This attempt to study the location characteristics and the distribution pattern of second home in Korea. For the convenience the second homesare classify into two ; the public second home (condominium) and private second home self-built summer house or winter house). For the study the data are collected from the field work and some historical materials are collected from the Ministry of Domestic Affairs and the EWha Womans University Library. The collected materials are analyzed statistically with the methods of computer techniques. The results may be summarized as follows ; 1. Second homes were introduced in Korea in the dynasty of three kingdoms. The royal peoples built the second homes as attached palace in the countryside. During the Choson dynasty the royal peoples and yangban (novelmen) had second home in his home town. During the Japanese rule Western misionary had resort homes near the seaside or in the mountain area. After the 1970 the economy remarkably improved in Korea, the rich people and some in the social status the higher class had their second home near the north-Han river and seaside area, or in the mountain area of Taebaek and Chiri. 2. The public second homes are distributed in the area of tourist area such as Cheju, Togo hot spring area, Taegwanryong area, but the private second homes are distributed in the near of metropolitan city of Seoul and its distribution pattern are widely spread to the countryside. 3. The socio-economic status of the people who used or owned the second home were very higher but nowadays the status of that one tend to be lower and lower.
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