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<楊豊傳>에 나타난 父子對立 硏究

<楊豊傳>에 나타난 父子對立 硏究
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대학원 국어국문학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
本 論文은 韓國古典小說 <楊豊傳>에 관한 硏究이다. <양풍전>은 조선조 시대에는 禁忌視되던 父子對立을 題材로 取擇해서 문학적으로 형상화시켰다. 本 論文의 주된 관심은 <양풍전>의 父子對立이 지닌 文學的 性格과 價値를 추출하여 小說史的 意義를 살펴보는 데 있다. Ⅱ장에서는 <양풍전>의 書誌的 問題를 다루었다. 이본의 種類를 제시하고 異本의 내용을 對比的으로 검토해서 京板 24 장본을 연구대상으로 선정하였다. Ⅲ장에서는 먼저 父子對立의 題材的 性格을 살펴 본 후, 작품의 내용을 아버지와 자식간의 갈등 展開樣相에 따라 分析해서 父子對立의 樣相을 추출했다. 이것을 <薔花紅蓮傳>, <金就景傳>, <報恩奇遇傳>, <楊己孫傳> 등의 작품에 나타난 父子對立樣相과 對比하여 <양풍전>이 '자식은 과연 아버지의 부당한 요구에 무조건 順從해야 하는가'하는 問題提起를 하는 작품임을 밝혔다. Ⅳ장에서는 앞 장에서 밝혀진 특성을 토대로 하여 父子對立에 나타난 意識을 밝혔다. 첫째, 現實的 慾望追求意識과 合理論 倫理追求意識이 對立되어 나타난다. 둘째, 아버지의 家父長權을 相對化시키면서도 孝를 絶對化시키는 意識이 나타난다. 세째, 問題提起者로서 딸의 役割을 부각시키고 있다. Ⅴ장에서는 古代神話에서 新小說에 이르는 敍事文學의 흐름 속에서<양풍전>의 小說史的 意義를 추출했다. <양풍전>은 그 以前이나 當代의 小說들이 父子關係를 當爲規範에 입각해 다루었던 것과는 달리, 合理的 倫理意識을 가지고 경직된 家父長權에 대한 회의와 비판을 제기했다. <양풍전>의 合理的 倫理意識은 新小說期에 와서 開化意識과 연결되어 계승·발전되었다.;This thesis is the study on Yang Pung Chon ( 楊豊傳 ) the ancient Korean novel. Yang Pung Chon realized the father-children conflicts which had not been allowed to write about in the Yi dynasty. This thesis tries to study the significance of the father-children conflicts of Yang Pung Chon in the Korean novel history through surveying its liteary meaning and values. The second chapter deals with the problems in the bibliography I presented different kinds of versions and comparably surveyed their contents and then selected the 24th version of Kyung Pan ( 京板 ) as the object of this study. In the third chapter, I examined the father-children conflicts in this novel to know its meaning as the material and then analysed the content of this novel according to the aspects of development of the conflicts between father and children and finally deduced the aspect of antagoinsm between them. Comparing this novel with the other novels such as Changhwa Hongyon Chon ( 薔花紅蓮傳 ), Kim Chwigyon Chon ( 金就景傳 ) Poun Kiu Rok ( 報恩奇遇傳 ), Yang Kison Chon ( 楊己孫傳 ) in the respect of the father-children conflicts, I showed that this novel raised a question : must children comply even with their father's unreasonable request? In the fourth chapter, the consciousness implied in the father-children conflicts in this novel was studied (on the basis of the results in previous chapter). The results are as follows. Firstly, there is contrast between the worldly desires and the reasonable morals. Secondly, this novel doubted the rights of a patriarch but still emphasized the filial piety as an absolute value. Thirdly, the daughter's role is notable . Here she threw doubt on established morals. In the fifth chapter, I pointed out the significance of Yang Pung chon in the flow of the Korea novel history from the ancient myth to new nov1s (the novels in the enlightenment period). Yang Pung Chon is different from the other novels, precedent and contemporary : while the latter deals with the realationship between father and children on the basis of established morals without any doubt , the former questioned and criticised the right of tough patriachy with consciousness of reasonable morals. The consciousness of reasonable moral is succeeded to the consciousness of the enlightenment in new novels.
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