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마가의 메시야 비밀론 연구

마가의 메시야 비밀론 연구
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(A) Study in the Theory of Messianic Secrecy of Mark
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대학원 기독교학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
To the reader of the Gcspel of Mark, it would appear that Jesus' messiaship has been intended to be a matter of secrecy or to be hidden. The demens that disclosed Jesus's messieship and the patients who was cured by Jesus were ordered to keep silent. And his disciples who had witnesses the work of Jesus were ordered not to say about it until his resurrection. He seems to explain to the disciples about the meaning of parables, though they did not really understand it Jesus did not explain them to the public(Parabelthecrie). It has been shown that the historical explanation for Mark's metif is a failure. But "the messianic secrecy" has been introduced by the redactor of Mark with a certain intention which was named as "the theory of Messianic Secrecy". The theory has been explained as an apologetic answer to the question why Jesus, the Son of God, was not recognized by the people as Messiah. It has been further said that it reflects the motif of "the hidden son of man" which appears in the latter Jewish apocalyptic literature. This thesis is an attompt to auggest an alternative explanation to the theory that the predom-inant intention of the theory of Messianic secrecy in to express the "Messiasgeheimnistheorite", namely, the faith in Jesus as the one who has accomplished salavation through crucifiction, and that Jesus' messiaship has to be hidden until the time of actual crucifiction. This salvation through cruci-fiction motif has parallels in the Hellenistic "savior" myth. Thus, it is the thesis of this world that the intention of Mark and his community is to declare the salvation of Jesus through crucifiction which is oarried in the Hellenistic "salvantus" myth. It has been assumed that the individual units of tradition which were originally transmitted to Mark word already christologically formed. But they were arranged in order, revised and then coordineted by Mark with certain theory. Thus it is necessary to isolate the traditional materials and redaction materials which are scattered throughout Mark prior to the Passion. This research is an attempt to utilize "Redaktionsgeschichte" which goes beyond the "Formgeschichte" on whose basis "Redaktionsgeschichte" ought to be implemented. Part Ⅰ is devoted to outline the history of research on Mark's theory. Part Ⅱ consists of isolation of the traditional materials from the redaction materials, identifying the intentions of both. It is shown throughout this part that the traditional materials are of messianic secrecy is entirely attributable to Mark. Part Ⅲ summarizes the thesis that the intention of Mark is to declare the salvation of Jesus through crucifiction.
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