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웹 아이덴티티 구현을 위한 웹 스타일 가이드에 관한 연구

웹 아이덴티티 구현을 위한 웹 스타일 가이드에 관한 연구
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(A) study on web style guide to embody web identity
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대학원 디자인학부시각정보디자인전공
웹 아이덴티티구현웹 스타일 가이드web style guide
이화여자대학교 대학원
Internet has become the most widespread way of communication in digital environment. Therefore, web site of a company is a powerful tool to heighten the brand image and to build identity, not just a way to give information to users. One who visits web site of a company gets the overall impression of the company, and the visitor gets not only visual image from the homepage but also rich and various experiences about the company by interacting with each part of the site. Therefore, the need to build web identity to heighten the images of brand and company is on the increase. Web identity is defined as a set of associating elements to create and maintain various associations that a specific site has , which are based on the identity of the company. This web identity is not made only by creative design. Web identity is embodied by the organic combination of 'Theme' which web site wants to convey to users, 'Style' to embody this, and 'Identity elements' which shape this style. To embody the united web identity consistent with theme, style, and elements, a guideline with which we can manage these systematically is definitely needed. Especially, in the case of companies which has many affiliated companies or broad business realm, web site is built by each department and a guideline with which a company can maintain its consistency and produce and manage the web site at the same time is definitely needed. Recently many companies have built their own web sites, but in most cases, only visual design is expressed, and the characteristics of web as multi media were not fully made use of. In this study, I suggest 'Web Style Conductor' as a broad concept which can provide users with a consistent experience through moving image, sound, navigation style, and interaction style beyond the level of style guide limited in visual parts such as letter, color and layout. 'Web Style Conductor' of this study is an operation system of web identity , which manages various associating elements that web site has based on the identity of the company, including visual guideline. And this is web design system which makes the harmonious combination of theme that web site wants to convey to users, style, and identity elements. For this study, I first looked up the meaning of 'identity' through literature study, and clarified the characteristics of web as a medium and how these characteristics are formed and embodied through case study. Based on this, I picked out elements which are necessary for Web Style Conductor, applied these to actual case, and tried to make an effort to build web identity in the future and to make foundation for style guide study.
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