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A Culture-Oriented Approach to Translating Kim Young-ha’s "Though Loving You"

A Culture-Oriented Approach to Translating Kim Young-ha’s "Though Loving You"
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대학원 영어영문학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
본 논문은 문화교류의 일환으로써 번역, 특히 한국 현대문학 번역의 경우 번역가들이 문화적 요소를 어떻게 번역물에 투영시키는지 김영하의 단편소설「너를 사랑하고도」의 실제 영문번역을 통해 논의코자 한다. 본 논문의 전반부에서는 소설가 김영하 작품의 번역실태와 문화 관련 문학번역이론 및 한국문학번역에의 실제 응용에 대해 개괄하며 2002 코리아타임즈 번역상 대상을 수상한 제이슨 로즈(Jason Rhodes)의 김영하 단편소설 번역본 분석도 함께 포함한다. 또한, 번역작업을 수행하는 번역가의 자세를 “전달자 (Deliverer, 원문중심주의)”, “개척자(Pioneer, 의미중심주의)”, “소개자(Introducer, 문화중심주의)”, 3가지로 구분하였으며 각각의 특징과 번역기준을 소개한다. 후반부에서는 전반부에서 언급되었던 “소개자(Introducer)” 방법론으로, 원문에 드러난 한국문화적 요소들을 독자들에게 소개하는데 중점을 둔 김영하 단편소설 「너를 사랑하고도」의 실제 번역본을 포함한다.;This thesis examines the issue of how translation acts as a form of cultural communication and looks specifically at this issue in relation to the translation of the story "Though Loving You" by Kim Young-ha. The thesis consists of a theoretical paper and a translation of “Though Loving You.” The theoretical paper gives an overview of aspects of culturally related literary translation theory and discusses their application to Korean literary translation, focusing on Kim Young-ha’s works. It analyzes previous translations of Kim Young-ha’s short stories by Jason Rhodes, who won the Grand Prize for short fiction in the 2002 Korea Times annual Korean Literature Translation Contest. Also, the theoretical paper categorizes translators according to their attitudes toward translation process-as “Deliverer,” “Pioneer,” and “Introducer,” representing text-oriented, meaning-oriented, and culture-oriented approaches respectively-and establishes standards for placing translations into one of these three categories. The second part of the thesis is a translation of "Though Loving You" into English. In this translation, I take the “Introducer” approach to translating Kim’s story and attempt to introduce cultural elements in the original text to target readers essentially trying to preserve the original culture of the text, Korean culture, in the English version.
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