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Studies on the respiratory activity of avian blood cells

Studies on the respiratory activity of avian blood cells
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교육대학원 과학교육전공생물교육분야
Graduate School of Education, Ewha Womans University
자성 성숙 닭의 혈구세포의 호흡능을 Warburg의 검압계를 이용하여 측정하였다. 혈구세포의 호흡능과 온도와의 관계는 지수적이었으며 그 온도계수는 0.09이었다. 따라서 호흡능의 Q10는 1.9이었다. 검압계 프라스크내에 다량의 혈액을 넣어(1.5ml) 측정한 Q02는 소량의 혈액(0.5ml)을 사용하였을 때의 Q02보다 작았다. 따라서 최대 Q02를 얻기 위해서는 가급적 소량의 혈액을 이용하는 것이 좋다고 생각된다. 포도당이나 과당의 추가(10mM)는 체온 범위 내에서는 산소소비량을 증가시키지 않는다. 그러나 포도당은 저온에서는 호흡을 촉진시킨다. 호박산(숙신산)은 측정한 모든 온도범위(40°~25℃)에서 호흡량을 증가시킨다. 산소소비량을 혈구수 및 hematocrit 치와 관련지위 상관관계를 구명코저 하였으나 뚜렷한 상관성을 얻지 못하였다.;The respiratory activity of avian blood cells was determined with samples of whole blood from female mature chickens by the Warburg's manometric method. This oxygen consumption could be assumed to represent only that of the cells since no measurable activity was reported to be found in the plasma samples. The relation between blood cell respiration and temperature was found to be exponential and the thermal coefficient was calculated to be approximately 0.09. The Q10 of the respiratory activity was 1.9. The relation between blood cell respiration and temperature is discussed. A large volume of blood in a flask gave a decreased Q02 than did smaller ones and, hence, it is better use as small quantity of blood as possible to obtain a maximum Q02. The possible reason for this is discussed. Addition of glucose or fructose did not enhance the respiration at body temperature but glucose increased the respiration at lower temperature while fructose did not. Succinate stimulated the respiration at all temperatures measured. Possible mechanisms of these effects are given. An attempt was made to correlate hematocrit values, erythrocyte counts and oxygen consumption in the present experiment, but the relationship was obscure.
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