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dc.description.abstractMelody progressions and performance techniques of moderately slow movements of the Kahyahkum Sancho compositions of Yunduk Kim, Taehung Kang, Sangkeun Park, Byungho Kim and Jookpa Kim school were studied to elucidate their modal characteristics. Explanations of the medes in Kehmyuncho style to date have been either based on c, d, e^b, d, f, g, a, b, or, g, c, d. In this study, however e^b and e are included in 'd where the prime indicates degenerated tone. Tone f was considered includable either in d or in the Mooyuk (d^b) of the Chungak. Sancho is a folk Kahyahkum while Chungak was reserved for court. also, then b (of b^b) can be included in 'a. Thus, the study reduced the necessary elements of the Kehmyuncho style to g, c, 'd and d, g, 'a tonal groups. Combination of these two groups from the basis of the Kehmyuncho movements of the folk Kahyahkum.-
dc.description.tableofcontentsI. 서론 1 II. 정악에 있어서의 계면조 3 A. 가곡중의 계면조 3 B. 평시조 5 C. 영산회상 5 D. 남도민요 8 III. 가야금산조에 있어서의 계면조 12 A. G, C, 'd 의 처리 13 B. d, g, 'a 의 처리 15 C. e^b, e, f, b 의 처리 15 IV. 결론 35 악보예 39 참고문헌 56-
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dc.publisher이화여자대학교 교육대학원 음악교육전공-
dc.title가야금산조에 있어서의 계면조-
dc.typeMaster's Thesis-
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