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표현창작의 단계적 지도내용에 관한 연구

표현창작의 단계적 지도내용에 관한 연구
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교육대학원 체육교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
Dancing has been an integral part of practically every culture from ancient times to the present. It has manifested itself in a variety of forms and for an variety of purpose. It has reflected the history of people in a dynamic and realistic, as well as a mystical, way. Movement is the medium through which we express ourselves in dancing as we became more sensitive and aware, we develop greater depth for expressing ourselves as well as for understanding the expressions of others. The more aware we are of our expression habits, the better position we are in to us them for new ones. This awareness is not only intellectual and emotional, but kinesthelic as well. Th content of dance is life as seen through the perception of its creator. The most immediate vehicle for expression of this being is the body, which is designed for action, the body becomes an expressive vehicle through education, and the pattern for this education is set very early in life. Dancing played a larger part in the everyday life of the primitive than it does in our culture primarily because it was easier to express ideas by gesture than by speech. Since appreciation of rhythm and musical sound is a fundamental principle of man's nature, it is natural to find it bound up with the primitive races of mankind. The impulse to dance is the impulse to live. We are biological structures designed for movement, We move in a universal rhythm and derive satisfaction from it. We are living in an era of dynamic changes linked to the oust with equally dynamic impulses, and our music and dance reflect the generation we live in, and this will be true tomorrow, too, when today will have become yesterday. And so dancing was born with the earliest human societies. It has been identified with Various form of workship and has progressed and developed with them. Dancing, like all human institution, is one of action and reaction. It make its entrance, has its periods of development and decline.
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