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다차원적 감성 요소를 활용한 제품의 감성 효용 가치 극대화 방안에 대한 연구

다차원적 감성 요소를 활용한 제품의 감성 효용 가치 극대화 방안에 대한 연구
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A study of product emotional utility-value maximization as a point of using cross sensitivity elements
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디자인대학원 디자인학과디자인매니지먼트전공
이화여자대학교 디자인대학원
People can feel the emotional sympathy and emotional benefits of giving preference to products. The existing sense of sight or sound focusing on product categories that take advantage of ubiquitous, but these users need to meet their potential and desire to take advantage of the institution and cross sensibilities of the products which are actively using the spotlight. The user needs and the hidden understanding and subtle feelings, emotions worth of products to take advantage of what is the essence, what you can do to maximize sensitivity benefits will be worth worrying about it that way initial emphasis of the research. Thus, to pursue a high emotional value for the design sensibility and cross sensitivity of images that once 'Cross Sensibility Image' sensibility elements to take advantage of the product naming and sensibilities of how to maximize the value of benefits To be able to do for research to proceed. Purpose and direction of the research are as follows. Firstly, contacts for a cross sensitivity to identify the sensibilities of the image correlation. Second, it acts as a cross sensitivity emotion through images reminiscent bring in essence putting products. Thirdly, cross sensitivity elements using a virtual model of sensibility products through reactivation of the (Product Rejuvenation), and improving the image (Image Improvement), creating new markets (Blue Ocean) to seek strategic options for our customers. Cross sensitivity design and sensitivity to discuss the image ahead of sensibility engineering, cognitive psychology, cognitive science research in priority areas of theoretical background. And, from the perspective of a cross sensitivity design-related materials and literature based on a number of leading research and analysis of the case. This is the product of the research the point of an argument cross sensitivity image to take advantage of valuable benefits when the sensibility of what it says is a necessary process. Product five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste) to take advantage of the user's emotional inspiration to induce a corresponding sense and sensibility of the contact point for the sensibilities (Cross Sensitivity Touch-Point) defines it. Feelings for product recalls contacts through Cross Sensitivity flows (Product Associations) this happen, which in the language of emotions through the sensibility adjectives image. This image sensibilities language (Sensibility Image Text) was defined. Images sensibility to the core message (Core Message) and condenses into refining the product essence (Product Essence) will bring. The product is a product of my essence. External elements for the user to the complex emotions varied benefits (Emotion Benefits) and collectively, pose a deliverable. In summary, through contacts Cross Sensitivity reminiscent of functioning as an image materialize, and the process that extracts the essence of this product. This process is a series of new product from the perspective of the dissolution, reinterpreted and sensitivity to maximize the benefits worth the virtual model that can offer once the frame is important. Virtual model of the proposed combination with the features and performance characteristics of escape from a user's perspective, such as increasing technical needs are not met and emotional value that will be put at the center.;사람들은 감성적 교감을 느낄 수 있고, 정서적 혜택을 주는 제품을 선호한다. 기존에는 시각, 청각위주로 제품의 활용 범주가 편재되었으나, 이러한 사용자들의 잠재적 욕구와 필요를 충족시키기 위해 오감각기관의 활용 및 다차원적인 감성을 적극 활용한 제품들이 주목받고 있다. 이에 사용자의 숨은 니즈와 미묘한 감정을 이해하고, 감성을 활용한 제품 가치의 본질은 무엇이며, 어떻게 하면 감성 효용가치를 극대화 할 수 있을지에 대한 고민을 하게 된 것이 연구의 시발점이다. 그리하여, 정서적 가치를 추구하는 고(高)감성 디자인을 위해 다차원적인 감성을 이미지화한 것을 ‘다차원 감성 이미지(Cross Sensibility Image)’라 명명하고 다차원적 감성 요소를 활용하여 제품의 감성 효용 가치를 어떻게 하면 극대화 할 수 있을지에 대한 연구를 진행하였다. 연구의 목적 및 방향성은 다음과 같다. 첫째, 다차원 감성 접점에 대한 감성 이미지의 상관관계를 규명한다. 둘째, 다차원 감성을 통한 연상 작용으로 감성 이미지화하여 제품 에센스를 도출한다. 셋째, 다차원 감성요소를 활용한 가상 모델을 통해 제품의 재활성화(Product Rejuvenation) 및 이미지 개선(Image Improvement), 새로운 시장 창출(Blue Ocean)에 대한 전략 방안을 모색하고자 한다.
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