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춘원작품에 나타난 기독교사상

춘원작품에 나타난 기독교사상
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교육대학원 어학교육전공한국어교육분야
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
文學的 價値評價의 基準을 文學形式에만 準하는 것이 아니라, 그 文學에 나타난 思想에 더 比重을 둠에 韓國 近代化 草創期에 近代文學의 開拓者이며 基督敎 文學의 先驅的 役割을 한 春園의 初期作品의 思想을 앎으로써, 主題의 核心을 캐어내어 春園文學을 옳게 理解하는데 그 目的을 두었다. 春園思想의 形成過程에 있어서 그의 生涯와 社會 環境이 重要한 役割을 했을 것이라는 점으로 春園 初期作品에 나타난 統一性은 무엇이며 그 統一性과 基督敎思想과 어떤 關係인가를 硏究한 結果, 첫째, 短篇으로 「無情」, 「어린 犧性」, 「少年의 悲哀」, 「어린 벗에게」, 「尹光浩」와 장편으론 「無情」, 「開拓者」에 나타난 統一性은 近代的 情의 自覺에 있으며 둘째, 그가 初期作品을 發表하기까지의 生涯는 幼年期와 少年期는 家庭的으로 不幸하여 孤獨과 生活苦로 情을 渴望하다가 東學敎에 入道하여 民族意識이 움텄고, 日本 明治學院에 가서 비로소 基督敎의 사랑에 接하게 됨과 同時 톨스토이의 基督敎的 思想에 많은 影響을 받아 그의 人生觀, 文學觀이 세워지게 되었다. 셋째, 情의 渴望이 具體的으로 作品化되어 나타났는데 그의 作品의 主題로 되는 「情」은 基督敎에서 基因된 것이다. 結論으로, 가랑의 宗敎인 基督敎思想을 바탕으로 하여 過去 封建性 非情에 反旗를 든 그의 作品의 偉大性은 論理的, 神學的 見地에서 보아 그의 思想의 土臺가 된 基督敎的 論理觀이라 볼 수 있다.;The basis of literary valuation attaches more importance to the thoughts which represents on literature than literary formality. Therefore, it is purposed to understand correctly "Chunwon literature" through finding out the subject and thoughts of Chunwon's early works, because Kwang Soo, Lee, Chunwon had acted a leading role for Christian literature as a modern literary herald in the pioneer day of Korean modernization. On the formation process of Chunwon thoughts, I studied what's his consolidation that has come out his early works and what's the relation between his consolidation and Christian thoughts, on the viewpoint that his life and social circumstances would be much influenced to his literary constitution. At first, consolidation appeared on his early short piece such as "Mu-jung", "U-rin Hisaeng", "So-nyon ei Bi Ae", "U-rin Bu E-gae" and "Tun Kwang Ho" and long piece "Mu-jung" and "Kaechuk-ja" was set on self-consciousness of modern emotion. At second, on his babyhood and boyhood until he ammounced his early works, he was very unhappy at home and had much desired warm emotion due to solitude and life sufferings, and since then, he entered to "Donhak-kyo", where racial consciousness was sprouted on him. Then, after entering to "Myong-Ji" institute in Japan, he could know Christian love and at the same time, he had had his view of life and literature by having been much influenced from Tolstoi's Christian Thoughts. At third, his emotional desire was, at, last, turned into his works; and "emotion" which is the main subject of all his works was principally cause by Christ church. In conclusion, under the basis of Christian thoughts of loving religion, greatness of his works that he raised the standard of revolt to hardness of the past feudalism is Christian ethical point which was become foundation to his thoughts on the point of ethical and theological standpoint, it can be said.
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