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dc.contributor.authorKheare, Ebtesam Noori-
dc.creatorKheare, Ebtesam Noori-
dc.description.abstractKorea has been a distinguished phenomenon in Asia’s economic growth throughout the past four decades. This thesis examines Korea’s economic development that has been achieved. Based on the concrete measures taken by the Korean government starting from the early 1960s until the current time, this thesis shows the rapid economic growth by showing the increase of the GDP, per capita income, the increase of the country’s share in the international trade through the increase of the exports and imports, in addition to Korea’s principal trade partners. The growing economic power of Korea's economy has enabled it to become one of the leading countries in the world. The paper also shows that this remarkable development has been based on the state-supported expansion of exports. Various direct and indirect measures of export promotion such as tax and financial incentives as well as establishment of institution are explained. In addition, this thesis draws some lessons for the developing countries and how they can follow Korea’s example by focusing mainly on Iraq from the experience of Korea.;지난 40여년간 한국은 경제성장에 있어서 독특한 모습을 보여 왔다. 이 논문은 일단 그 동안의 한국의 경제발전과정을 개략적으로 살펴 본다. 1960년대초반부터 현재까지의 한국정부의 구체적인 정책들을 점검해 봄으로써 그러한 정책들이 어떻게 국민소득, 1인당 국민소득, 국제무역액의 증대 등의 측면에 영향을 주었는지, 그리고, 그 과정상 한국의 주요 무역상대국 등에는 어떤 변화가 생겼는지를 살펴본다. 한국경제의 점증하는 경제력은 한국을 경제 측면에서 세계의 주요국의 하나로 부상하게 만들었다. 이 논문은 또한 정부에 의해 발전된 산업구조가 현저한 경제발전으로 귀결되었으며, 수출산업을 육성하기 위한 한국정부의 다양한 정책조치들이 취해졌음을 보여준다. 이러한 수출증진정책수단들은 조세 및 금융정책 상의 조치들과 아울러 수출을 간접적으로 지원하는 제도 육성이 포함되는 것이었다. 이 논문은 아울러 이러한 한국의 경험이 개발도상국들, 특히 이라크경제의 발전에 대해 갖는 의미와 교훈을 도출한다.-
dc.description.tableofcontentsI. INTRODUCTION = 1 II. EVOLUTION of INTERNATIONAL Trade of KOREA = 4 1. Rapid Economic Growth Pattern of Korea = 4 2. Exports and Imports of Korea = 6 III. EXPORT PROMOTION MEASURES of KOREA = 18 1. Overall Tendencies of Export Promotion Policies = 18 2. Concrete Export Promotion Measures of Korea = 24 1) Tax Incentives = 24 (1) Tax Incentives in General = 24 (2) Duty Drawback Scheme = 28 2) Financial Incentives = 30 (1) Policy Loans = 30 (2) Export Finance = 33 (3) Export Insurance = 35 3) Institutions of Indirect Export Promotion = 40 (1) Korea International Trade Association (KITA) = 40 (2) Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) = 43 IV. THE IMPLICATIONS OF EXPORT PROMOTION POLICIES OF KOREA ON THE DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: THE CASE OF IRAQ = 46 1. Overall Economic Growth of Iraq = 46 2. Tax Incentives = 53 1) Tax Incentives in General and Profit Taxes = 53 2) Duty Drawback = 54 3. Financial Incentives = 56 1) Policy Loans = 56 2) Export Finance = 58 3) Export Insurance = 59 4. Export Promotion Institutions = 60 V. CONCLUSION = 65 References = 68 Appendices = 71 Abstract in Korean = 75-
dc.format.extent656459 bytes-
dc.publisher이화여자대학교 국제대학원-
dc.titleExport-Led Economic Growth of Korea and Its Implications for the Development of Iraq-
dc.typeMaster's Thesis-
dc.format.pagevii, 75 p.-
dc.identifier.major국제대학원 국제학과- 8-
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