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國民學校 兒童들의 嗜好敎科와 그 原因 調査硏究

國民學校 兒童들의 嗜好敎科와 그 原因 調査硏究
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(On the) Subject- performance of elementary school children's favorite subjects and the reasons thereof : With chief emphasis on music in particular
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교육대학원 음악교육전공
국민학교 아동음악교과기호교과
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
Elementary education comprises the most important stage of one's growth in physical as well as mental terms through one's lifetime. In particular, it is also appropriate time for children to find out their proper aptitudes for specific art subjects and to develope their talents in one or several fields of arts. Therefore, in guiding music studies, it is desirable to instill firmly in the minds of the youth the purpose of study in pursuit of interest so that they continue their studies on their own in accordance with the student aptitudes, abilities, and talents, instead of following the practice of music education through mere repetition without clear purposes and incentives. In other words, special methods are required in directing music studies since the interests and concerns of the students and their willingness do have a profound impact upon their phase of progress in their respective fields of studies. This study is designed to survey what the students' most favorite subjects are, how much time they devote to the study of music in their daily lives, and why it is so. For the purpose of our survey, we divided the elementary schools in Seoul into three groups according to their locations; A, B and C. One class of the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades of both sexes in each of the schools were randomly selected, and altogether 1,400 students participated in the survey. To augment and enrich our study, 180 incumbent teacher were also randomly selected. Prepared questionnaires were distributed to these subjects of selected school students and teachers and the collected data were analyzed. The results of my analysis can be summarized as follows: According to the survey, their most favorite subject is gymnastics. Especially for male students, almost all of them of all grades like gymnastics most, which is followed by fine arts and next comes music. However, female students respond that their most favorite subject is music. In general, they tend to be interested in both art and gymnastic subjects. The reasons for opting for these subjects depend largely upon the teaching abilities and techniques of the teachers as well as the tasts of the students. The teachers' responses are more or less the same as those of the students, and they admit that the degree of students' interest is largely influenced by teachers' teaching abilities and techniques. Therefore, it is expected that the abilities to conduct music lessons on the part of teachers should be improved, and at the same time, additional equipment and facilities suitable and necessary for music studies should be made available in larger quantities to provide the students with more adequate educational opportunities.;國民學校는 一生동안의 모든 敎育 중에서 가장 기초적이고 重要한 敎育을 담당하고 있는 교육기관이다. 이 初等敎育 기관에서는 全人的 敎育을 바탕으로 兒童으로 하여금 身體를 단련하고 精神을 올바르게하며 學問과 知識의 理解를 통해서 思考力을 기르며 藝術의 豊富한 체험을 통해서 感情을 느끼는 사람으로 만드는 것을 目標로 하고 있다. 이를 위하여 강조되어야 할 교육이 바로 藝術敎育이다. 그러므로 音樂學習 指導에 있어서 目的을 명확히 하고 兒童들의 적응 능력이나 興味를 고려하여 學習시킴이 바람직한 方法이다. 本 硏究는 國民學校 兒童들이 좋아하는 敎科를 알아보고 그 中 音樂이 兒童들의 生活中에서 차지하는 位置를 알아보고 또한 그 原因을 알아 보았다. 그 對象은 서울市內 國民學校를 地域的으로 A, B, C 集團으로 나누고 男·女 別로 3, 4, 5, 6, 學年의 한 學級씩 約 1,400명을 標集對象으로 하였으며, 또한 뒷받침 하기 위하여 現職 敎師 約180명을 對象으로 質問紙法을 使用하여 標集하여 分析하였다. 그 結果, 兒童들은 여러 敎科目 中에서 體育을 가장 좋아하는 敎科로 反應하였고, 特히 男子 兒童들은 全學年을 通하여 徹底하게 首位를 보이고 있었으며, 다음으로는 美術이었다. 그러나 女子 兒童들은 音樂을 가장 좋아하는 敎科로 反應하였는데, 男女兒童 모두 藝體能 敎科에 興味를 갖고 있는 것으로 나타났다. 그런데 그 理由로는 指導敎師의 能力과 指導技術, 그리고 兒童 自身들의 趣味에 의해서 많은 影響을 받은 것으로 分析되었다. 또한 敎師들의 反應 역시 兒童들과 같은 見解로 反應되었으며, 音樂敎師의 興味度에 對해서는 敎師 自身들의 指導 能力에 따라 絶對的인 影響을 끼치고 있다는 것을 是認하고 있었다. 따라서 敎師들의 音樂的 資質과 技能의 向上, 學校에서의 音樂的 施設의 擴充이 切實히 要望된다.
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