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dc.description.abstract19世紀 中葉을 前後한 國內政治는 거세게 밀어 닥치는 外勢의 물결속에 混亂을 거듭하였다. 이러한 混亂은 任午軍亂(1882), 甲申 政變(1884), 洞學革命(1894), 淸日戰爭, 甲午改革 等으로 政治 社會全般에 걸친 급격한 變動을 초래하였다. 한 時代에 있어서 變轉을 거듭할 때 一般的으로 危機意識 속에서 政治的 愛國的 社會團體가 增加하기 마련이다. 이에 女性들도 贊養會를 先頭로 敎育的 啓蒙的 次性團體를 組織하게 되었다. 그러므로 이 時期의 女性運動은 女性團體를 通하여 敎育, 啓蒙, 慈善活動을 展開하여 종래의 傳統的인 女性의 意識을 깨우치고 地位를 向上하고자 하였다. 이들 女性團體는 전문적인 活動을 하기에는 學問的인 토대가 미숙하여 贊務員 或은 顧問의 形式으로 男子들의 協助를 받았으며, 당시 新聞들도 女性運動에 관심을 가지고 자주 紙面을 할애하여 적극 協贊하였다. 그러나 女性運動이 時代的 社會的 要求에도 不狗하고 성과가 부진한 것은 여전히 保守的인 思考가 支配約이며, 團體의 指導層이 주로 親日顯官의 夫人들로 구성되어 있어 反日感情이 고조된 一般大衆에게 공감을 받지 못하였기 때문이다. 뿐만 아니라 아직 女性들이 社會的 活動을 할 여건이 조성되지 않은 형편에서 財政的인 힘마저 弱하여 財政에 對한 根本的인 解決策을 얻지 못하고 會費와 贊助金 等에 依存하였던 점에도있었던 것이다. 그러나 開化期 女性團體의 活動 여하에 불구하고 이 團體들이 近代女性運動에 啓蒙的 使命을 담당한 點을 크게 평가하지 않을 수 없었다.;Around the middle of 19th century the domestic politics in Korea was extremely chaotic in the whirl of competitive foreign powers. These confusions brought about radical changes of all over the political and social phenomena such as Im-o Military Riot of 1882, Kap-Shin Coup de´tat of 1884, Dong-Hok Revolution of 1894, Sino-Japanese war and Kap-o Reform. When great changes occured in a short period, the patriotic political and social groups are usually increassed being generated in the crisis consciousness. With this historical trend Women also began to form social and enlightening organizations of Women, headed by Chin Yang Hoi. The women's movement in that period was mainly proceeded through these organizations with the emphasis on promoting the women's social position and on freeing the still dominant traditional consciousness of women. Since the education foundation of these women's organization was too weak to oary out the professional movement, these organizations were assisted by men in the form of patron or abvisor, and the newspaper of that time also supported than positively giving generous spaces for them. In spite of its historical and social demand, the achievements of these organization were not conspicuous. The reasons why they got such a poor result was the still dominant conservative way of thinking of women end that the then highly anti-Japanese public could not be sympathetic with the leading body of these organizations consisted of the wives of pro-Japanese government officials. Beides, in the social soil inappropriati for women's social activities, they, mainly depending upon the membership fees and donations, could not find a fondamental means to solve the financial problems. Though the activities of these women's organizations were not conspicuous, the leading role of enlightment in the modern women's movement undertaken by these groups must not be overlooked.-
dc.description.tableofcontents論文槪要 = ⅳ Ⅰ. 序言 = 1 Ⅱ. 開化期 女性運動의 時代的 背景 = 3 Ⅲ. 敎育活動을 위한 女性團體 = 6 A. 贊養會 = 7 B. 大韓婦人會 = 16 C. 韓日婦人會 = 24 D. 女子敎育會 = 27 E. 女子普學院 維持會 = 38 F. 婦人學會 = 46 G. 進明婦人會 = 47 H. 大韓女子興學會 = 50 I. 養正女子敎育會 = 52 J. 其他 = 54 Ⅳ. 慈善 親睦을 위한 女性團體 = 58 A. 慈善婦人會 = 58 B. 慈惠婦人會 = 64 C. 東洋愛國婦人會 = 67 Ⅴ. 結言 = 69 參考文獻 = 71 ABSTRACT-
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dc.title開化期 女性團體의 硏究-
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dc.format.pageiv, 73 p.-
dc.identifier.major교육대학원 사회과교육전공역사교육분야- 8-
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