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韓國 服飾 關係 文獻 解題目錄

韓國 服飾 關係 文獻 解題目錄
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Bibliographical Annotation to Korean Documentary Records about Dress Ornaments : 1945-1973
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교육대학원 사서교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
Science has made rapid progress and its research intelligence materials have been produced day after day to be enormous in quantity as cannot be compared with the past. Consequently, it is inevitably inquired for the persuit of learning and the technical improvement that information materials should be refered to and be made effective utilization of. In western countries, many a learned man already recognized the importance of secondary data, e.g. bibliography, index, abstract, etc. and as a result of that, secondary materials' have been made much development., on the contrary in our country we have not successful data system as yet. At my view of these facts, I, who majored in domestic science, have collected and arranged those articles which have some connection with the dress ornaments in independant volumes, theses for doctorate or master, theses volumes published in university, various kinds of academic magazine, and other popular magazine chat had been published during the past 28 years in the period of 1945.8 - 1973.12 at home, and have made bibliographical annotations of items concerning at the subjects to serve the students and the people who are interested in the dress ornaments to make prompt and practical application of. The method of study that took for depends upon the reference of documentary records. It demands the research of the index book to extract items related in dress ornaments, and requests to make use of the collections in all the college's libraries in Korea.;學術文化의 急速한 發達로 나날이 生産되는 硏究情報資料는 過去와 비할 수 없을만큼 尨大한 量이므로 學問硏究와 技術開發을 위하여는 情報資料의 檢素과 效果的운 利用이 必然的으로 要請된다. 歐美 여러나라에서는 이미 2次資料 즉 書誌, 索引, 沙錄의 重要性을 認識하고 이 分野의 많은 發展을 거듭했으나 우리나라에서는 아직까지 2次文獻資料를 가진 分野가 많지 못한 점을 勘案하여 服飾關係의 硏究者와 關心을 가진 一般人에게 도움이 되고자 解放以後 1973年 12月까지 約 28年間 國內에서 刊行된 單行本 碩, 博士學位論文, 大學論文集, 學會誌, 雜誌의 記事中 服飾에 關係되는 項目을 蒐集 整理하여 簡單한 譯題를 붙여 迅速하게 活用할 수 있도록 하였다. 硏究方法은 文獻調査에 의한 方法으로 旣刊行된 索引誌를 參照하여 그중 服飾關係의 項目을 抽出하여 各大學圖書館의 所藏資料를 利用 하였다.
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