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dc.description.abstract本硏究는 音樂敎援의 過程에 視廳覺媒體인 錄音Tape와 Slide를 便用하여 어떠한 效果가 있는가를 模索하는데 目約이 있다. 이 目的을 達成하기 爲하여 假說形成의 理論約 根據를 提示했으며 形成된 假設을 檢證하기 爲하여 室驗資科를 構成했다. 實驗資料의 構成節次는 中學校 1學年 敎料書를 單元別로 分析하고 分析 結果에 따라 錄音Tape와 slide를 製作하였다. 中學敎 1學年 女學生班 4學級을 2로 나누어 比較班과 實驗班으로 設定했다. 다음으로 實驗의 효과를 客觀的으로 測定하기 爲하여 測定道具를 作成했는데 그것은 音樂學習成就評價紙와 音樂學習興味調査質問紙이다. 前者는 音榮學習의 主要 要因을 分析하고 그에 맞는 問項을 作成하여 音樂擔當 敎師에 依하여 妥當度를 檢證받았고 實施後에 信 賴度를 檢證했으며 各 要因間에 相互 相關係數를 求하였고 그 結果는 滿足할만한 것이었다. 興味調査質問紙는 10個의 問項으로 同質的인 것으로 構成했다. 興味調査質間紙의 問項 相互間의 相關係數 .65以上으로서 滿足할 만한 關係를 가지고 있었다. 側定道具의 結果에서 나온 資料는 平均値의 比較에 依하여 假設을 檢證했으며 平均値의 差의 意義度는 C.R. 方法에 의하여 檢證했다. 그리고 興味調査質問紙에 關한 內容은 百分率에 依하여 分析했다. 資料分析의 結果 다음과 같은 結論을 얻었다. 즉 音樂科 敎援過程에 錄音敎材와 Slide敎材를 使用하여 授業을 한다면 첫째, 音樂科의 學習 효과를 높일 수 있고 둘째, 敎師의 負擔을 줄일 수 있으며 세째, 學生들의 音樂學習에 對한 興味를 誘發할 수 있다.;The objective of this thesis is to study the problem of the adaptation of audiovisual media in the process of teaching music; how to achieve the learning and at the same time lighten the burden of the teacher at the school, and lastly whether or not school boys and girls prefer audiovisual methods. In other words the following refers first to the problem of increasing the results of the music lesson, second to iniciate the effective use of teacher's efforts and third to arouse the interest of the suudents in learning music. In this case we can introduce the recorded tapes and slides stage by stage as musical arts into the music teaching process. To study these three problems, the writer collected the results of previous inquiries and analysed them carefully, and can now, therefore give readers at least an awareness and the theoretical foundation for the formation of my hypothesis in this thesis. To prove this hypothesis the writer has prepared experimental treatments to teach pretesting experimental groups The experimental treatments were built up chapter by chapter and the each unit of the music textbook was analysed for the primary year of middle school and with the results of the analysis the writer has produced tapes and slides for the same course that is used in regular class room teaching. These recorded tapes and slides were used. to teach two first year classes in a girls' middle school and'at the same the writer set up two, classes for comparison. The writer then prepared measuring tools to learn the objective results of this teaching, that is, both an evaluation sheet for performance level and a questionnaire to measure interest in the subject. The result of the first has already been accepted by the teacher's revaluation level in accordance with analysis of the main factors and the method used for preparing the questionnaire items that were used in the above analysis. The writer found that he definitly could have confidence in the revaluation questionnaire after lessons, also that it agreed with other fundamental factors. The results were satisfactory from the point of my view. The interest level questionnaire is composed of ten related items because it is the core of this study to estimate only the interest arousal in musicteaching using recorded tapes and slides as texts. The coefficient of .65 among the interest arousal questinnaire items is probably high enough for revaluation. The material that resulted from a comparable inquiry into an average value in the use of measuring tools has proved my hypothesis, and from an inquiry into the method of C.R. has also proved to a significant level an average value difference. The significance of the analysis of the interest arousal question-naire sheet has appeared through a percentage. In short, as a result of analysis, the hypothesis upon which this study was set up resulted in the following conclusion, showing a significantly positive answer. If we are to apply the tape and slide text to teaching music, we are sure we will first improve instructional results, second lighten the teachers' burden, and third arouse the students' interest in music discipline.-
dc.description.tableofcontents論文槪要 = ⅴ Ⅰ. 序論 = 1 A. 硏究目的 = 1 B. 硏究의 意義와 重要性 = 2 C. 硏究範圍 = 3 Ⅱ. 理論的 背景 = 4 A. 錄音敎材 및 슬라이드의 效果 = 4 B. 視聽覺媒體의 考案 = 10 C. 視聽覺媒體와 音樂敎授 = 13 Ⅲ. 硏究問題 및 假說 = 19 A. 問題의 陳述 = 19 B. 假說 = 19 Ⅳ. 方法 및 節次 = 22 A. 實驗資料 = 22 B. 實驗對象 = 23 C. 實驗節次 = 24 D. 測定道具 = 24 Ⅴ. 結果 및 解釋 = 29 A. 測定道具의 統計的 分析 = 29 B. 假說의 檢證 = 31 Ⅵ. 結論 = 35 參考文獻 = 37 Abstract = 40 부록 = 44-
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dc.title視聽覺 媒體가 音樂科 學習成就에 미치는 效果-
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dc.title.subtitle녹음 Tape와 Slide 中心으로-
dc.title.translatedEffectiveness of using Audiovisual media on musical achjevement of educaton-
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