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dc.description.abstract본 연구는 朝鮮朝의 工芸品에 나타난 昆蟲紋樣을 연구함으로써 옛 先祖들의 정서와 생활양식을 이해하고 朝鮮朝의 社會性, 傳統紋樣의 芸術性을 分析하여 사라져가는 우리의 독특한 固有美를 찾고자 한다. 또한, 外來紋樣이 거센물결처럼 밀려들어 오고있는 現代에 있어서 우리의 얼이 담긴 昆蟲紋이 표현된 傳統紋樣을 分析하여 현대감각에 맞는 디자인을 開發하는 자료로 삼고자 한다. 昆蟲紋樣으로는 나비 · 벌 · 매미 · 잠자리 · 메뚜기 등이 있는데 이것은 각각 의미를 지니고 있으며 또한, 昆蟲紋樣은 귀족층에서 보다 서민층에서 많이 애용되었고 외모에서 오는 소박함 때문에 섬세한 여인들에게서 사람을 받아왔다. 朝鮮朝의 紋樣이 대부분 그러하듯이 昆蟲紋樣도 吉祥的인 것을 내포하고 있는데 이것은 長壽·多男·富貴 등 우리민족의 現世的인 析福欲求를 표현한 것이라 하겠다. 그 表現方法에 있어서도 동일한 문양소재라도 技法, 材料, 施紋對象 둥에 따라 미적감각을 달리하고 있다. 이것들은 여인들이 사용하는 刺繡에서는 사실적인 묘사나 회화적인 기법이 많이 使用되었고 매듭에서는 나비나 벌등을 圖式的인 形態로 완성시키려고 하고 있다. 木工芸에서는 제작이 용이한 직선, 기하학적인 형태가 주로 발견되고 있다. 昆蟲紋樣의 造形的 特性을 추출한 결과 昆蟲紋樣은 庶民紋樣을 대표하고 吉祥的인 要素를 내포하고 있으며 주로 女人用品에 많이 나타났으며 昆蟲紋樣이 表現된 工芸品은 實用的이며 대부분 소형이다. 그리므로 현시점에서 昆蟲紋樣에 관한 再認識과 傳統에 기반을 둔 새로운 디자인 모색에 도움이 되었으면 한다.;This is the resume of my study on insect patterns expressed in industrial arts of the Yi Dynasty, thereby we could appreciate the emotions and living modes of our ancestors and find out the peculiar native beauty which is now being faded away, through the analysis of its sociality and caracteristics of arts contained in the traditional patterns. One of the subsequent purpose is to develop a design suitable to modern subsequent and to utilize it in the education, by further impvovement of traditional patterns filled with Korean spirits among the modern society where foreign patterns are flooding like rough waves. Generally, insects patterns represent butterfly, bee, locust, dragonfly, grasshopper etc.. These insects have specific meanings in each and every kind of insects. They were more favoured by the populace father than aristocratic society and attracted especially by the women having delicate sense, because of the naive apperancesof each insects. As it had been the case for the most patterns in the Yi Dynasty, the insects patterns also connoted such auspicious signs as longevity, wealth, rank and sons which seems to be an expression of strong desire for secular blessings. In the methods of figuring, there are differet aesthetic feeling in accordance with techniques to produce, materials to utilize, and objects of literature or arts; in embroidery products that considered to be used by women, realistic protrayals or graphic methods had been applied; in knots, butterfly or bee was simbolized in the form of diagram; in the wooden crafts, straight lines or geometrical shapes were discovered. When these patterns were synthetically arranged and classified into a diagram, I found out through careful analysis, that these were widely found in such articles as ceremics, metalwork arts, embroidery, knots, plates for rice-cake, for plates, folk paintings et.. Few is the case that utilized for solely individual purpose, but in most cases they were figured with wild plants etc.. I made wide reserch of these patterns in museums and privateowners in the whole country and learned that these goods were found only in those Blaces where relics were treasured. I could not find them out around our usual living. I have picked out articles mainly made habitual use by the general living socity from musems or the private owners, and made group them according their functions and took phtograph of it. It is my sincere hope that this findings be benificial to those who wants to seek out some new designs based on Korean tradition as well as the reappraisal of insectpatterns at present time.-
dc.description.tableofcontents論文槪要 = ⅳ Ⅰ. 緖論 = 1 A. 硏究의 目的 = 1 B. 硏究의 方法과 範圍 = 2 Ⅱ. 곤충문양의 由來와 表現 = 3 A. 곤충문양의 由來 = 3 B. 곤충문양의 造形性 = 6 C. 材料別 곤충문양 表現 = 10 Ⅲ. 곤충문양의 造形的 特性 = 33 Ⅳ. 結論 = 61 參考文獻 = 63 ABSTRACT = 64-
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dc.title朝鮮朝工藝品에 나타난 昆충紋樣考察-
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