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인체를 형상화한 도자화병 연구

인체를 형상화한 도자화병 연구
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디자인대학원 디자인학과도자디자인전공
이화여자대학교 산업미술대학원
A human being who exists as an outstanding creature among either the phenomena of the nature or the life environment and acts a pivotal role is doing an expressive action, as he or she is an emotional existence, through using the flesh body with the methods of expressing the inner world of oneself. Above all, among them, artists would be destined to posess a desire attempting to make figuration and to create things through receiving a certain object or a thought into his or her mind with being aware of a figurative sensation in the process of perception and consciousness. This particular study is intended to conduct a series of research on the design of flower vase that has been gradually taking root into life of figuring the flesh body in new angles such as simplicity, omission, exaggeration and magnification with an emphasis on either the entire posture of the human body or a motional variation through the ceramic art in the reality of rapidly changing mode of our cultural life patterns. Thus, it is hoped that the flower vase for figuring the human body should be settled down as the life instrument which is not only as a beautiful ornament in our life space and housing space but also being able to perform its function up to a full degree. In order to conduct a study on the flower vase for figuring the human body as being its contents, on the basis of the formal analysis data on the human body expressed in an artistic figuration and sculpture, a series of examination have been made on the actual examples expressed in the contemporary works of sculpture, and thus an observation was conducted on the origin and transition of the flower vase as well as its various kinds through the related bibliographies. Furthermore, another study was performed on the design of the flower vase based on these findings. As for manufacturing the related works, by adding an artistic sincerity of researcher with emerging from traditional concept of figure through the main form of human body figuration such as simplicity, omission. exaggeration and magnification, etc. For expressing the weight sense, motional feeling, muscular contraction and a voluminous sensation as showing contaction and relazation of human muscle owing the variation of motional posture of the human body. As for its manufacturing method, a series of technique that would be able to figure similar types of forms with the process of repetitive plaster casting were applied to a transformational injection form, and by adding a pigment on the ceramic clay for the use of transformation, a chromophoric effect was intended to be applied. Depending on the characteristic of works, method of painting of enamel was used by the soakage method and spray painting method while the plasticity was adapted to use oxidization plasticity.;自然現狀이나 生活環境 속에서 탁월한 生物로써 感情的 존재인 人間은 자신의 內面世界를 表現하는 方法으로 人體를 사용하여 표현행위를 한다. 그 중 藝術家는 의식과 지각과정에서 형태감각을 의식하여 어떤 대상이나 생각을 가진 마음에 받아들여 이것을 형상화하고 창조하려는 욕구를 가진다. 우리의 文化生活과 生活樣式이 變貌하고 있는 실정에서 本 硏究者는 陶磁藝術을 통하여 人體의 자세나 동작변화에 중점을 두어 單純, 省略, 誇張, 擴大 등을 통해 形象化한 것을 生活 속에 점차 뿌리내리고 있는 花甁 디자인에 대해서 硏究해 봄으로써 人體를 形象化한 花甁이 우리의 生活空間과 住居空間의 아름다운 장식물로서 뿐만 아니라 기능을 다할 수 있는 生活用器로써 정착되고자 이 主題를 설정하였다. 硏究의 내용인 '人體를 形象化한 花甁硏究'를 위하여 人體의 構造的인 형태를 분석해보고 人體의 藝術的 形象化와 조각에 나타난 人體의 조형성 연구를 자료로 하여 現代 작품에 表現된 실례를 조사하였으며, 그것에 근거하여 花甁 디자인에 대한 硏究를 하였다. 작품제작은 인체의 동작자세의 변화로 인한 중량감 및 운동감과 근육의 수축, 이완에서 보여주는 양감 표현을 단순, 생략, 과장, 확대 등 人體 변형의 주된 形式을 통해 形象化하여 전통적인 형태개념에서 벗어나 연구자의 藝術的인 眞實性을 가미하여 花甁 디자인을 하였다. 제작 방법으로는 동일한 形態를 반복 성형할 수 있는 석고형기법을 이용한 이장주입성형을 하였으며, 이장용 자기점토에 안료를 첨가하여 발색 효과를 表現하고자 하였다. 작품의 특성에 따라 시유는 담근법과 분무법을 사용하였으며 소성은 산화소성으로 하였다. 硏究 結果로는 人體의 양감, 운동감면에서 單純, 省略, 誇張, 擴大시킨 것은 전통적인 形態 槪念에서 벗어났으며 기능적인 면과 미적인 면을 겸한 花甁을 제작하므로 새로운 돌파구를 찾을 수 있었다.
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