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韓國基督敎 組織神學 關係 文獻 解題 目錄

韓國基督敎 組織神學 關係 文獻 解題 目錄
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(An) Annotated Bibliography for Korean Christian Systematic Theology
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교육대학원 사서교육전공
기독교조직신학문헌 해제 목록
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
Since Christianity has been delivered to Korea, the fundamental truth of Christianity was pursued and many important theological articles and books were written or translated by theologians. Whereas those materials have not yet been analyzed according to the subjects and theological departments, those people who want to study theology have felt difficulties how to know the kinds of materials and where to find them. It is the purpose of this thesis to help those students who are studying systematic theology by providing the list of the materials concerning systematic theology, including the explanation of subject. These theological materials are systematically analyzed so as to be able to be used for study and reference. In view of the active theological movement in Korea after the liberation, this writer chiefly treated those materials published during the period from the 15th fo August, 1945 to the end of December, 1973. In concerning with denomination, this thesis is confined to the protestant theology and in relation to the theology proper, is confined to the systematic theology. Published theologyical books, periodicals, thesises for the mater's degree, and desertations for the doctoral degree only are used as the sources of the materials. And among the periodicals, those for fellowship between the members of any institution or company and the university newspapters are excluded. Even in the religious or theological magagines and periodicals, those articles which are not academic, religious literatures, book review, criticisms dialogues, conversations, sit talks etc., and those that are written in foreign languages are excluded.;韓國에 基督敎가 宣敎된 이해 基督敎의 진리 탐구가 추구 되었고 많은 神學관계 文獻들이 각계 神學者들에 의해 소개, 출판 되었다. 資料가 必然的으로 要請되었으나 아직까지 우리나라에선 不充分 하였다. 그리하여 어떤 主題에 관한 文獻을 읽으려 할 때 혹은 硏究하고자 할 때 그것에 관계된 文獻의 종류로는 어떠한 것이 있고 어디에 收錄되어 있는지를 알 수 없는 경우가 많았다. 이러한 난점을 극복하고자 組織神學 관계 文獻만이라도 解題를 包含한 目錄을 作成하여 이 分野의 硏究者들을 위하여 參考資料로서의 2次資料를 제공하고자 하는 것이 本 論文의 目的이다. 특히 解放以後에 神學硏究가 활발하였음을 주시하여 韓國에선 최초로 1945.8.15.부터 1973.12.31까지의 文獻을 대상으로 하였다. 교파로는 改新敎를 택했고 改新敎 神學中에서도 組織神學을 택했다. 刊行物中 硏究論文의 성격을 띄고 있지 않거나 서평, 座談, 文藝作品의 형식을 띈 것, 各大學 學報, 外國語의 原語로 된 雜誌 및 기사등은 除外 되었다.
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