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dc.description.abstractIf it is a desire of human to find and pursuit the beauty in our living, the realm of art creating the space with the medium of clay and expressing the new function as the plastic art is a discovery. People have applied the contained nature of instrument by regarding the ceramic as the practical tool having both the utility and the beauty to our life suitably. The new design exploitation with the development of science and the development of industry is being advanced lively in the modern time. By the promotion of cultural level and the plane style of residence living, the bathroom which is adding the abundance emotionally and the repose in our life got out of the simple bathroom place of the past. And then the concern of bath room property is raised more and more according to the intensity of internal desire which decorate beautifully and practically for the comfort and the convenience of all family member who plan to take a rest and recover his health. The development of bathroom property giving the rest and the richness to us have the sufficient basis of advancement as take into account the marketability. As present, the women population ranging through in twenties and thirties to in forties in our country occupies about 30% of the total population, therefore the goods development for these women cosumer is in progress in operation lively. But in the ceramic bathroom property the unpractical and children goods in design by inclining toward the visual aspect such as the canter of adornment and the realitic shape only with the design and the color as compared with the broad utility and the modern sensual purchasing power of the consumer. So it is necessary to develop the ceramic bathroom property having the various kinds and the new pattern as well as the superiority in quality and the practicality in function. For this reason, this study plans to investigate about the development of ceramic bathroom property having both the visual beauty and the functional practicality. The method of this study surveyed the bathroom of interior space through the reference literature and analyzed the design by investigating the ceramic bathroom properties which are being selled at present. Also this study have the questionaire making these womans in twenties, thirties and forties an object of it to find out the opinion and the purchasing state about the purchase of bathroom property by women consumers. In results of market analysis, the shape of ceramic bathroom property being sold a lot of at present are like the geometrial pattern, and botanical pattern. There are mostly the primary color such as a white and a blue in the color. Also a kind of inserting box, soap case and water glass are composed of many utility. According to the questionaire survey, womans hope that the bathroom property having both the simple-clear sensory and they are showed to prefer the practical goods with a natural sense of beauty and a fine design in the ceramic. Thus by the results through the questionaire, the design have been planned and created based on the geometrical shape which are in the more interest and concern. The geometrical shape give us a pleasant, progressive and visually intensive effect with the logic and rationale order of modern sensory having the practicality and the beauty, and this shape is simple and brief. Being considered as the objective form, this study planned the design depending on the quality of the geometrical shape, magnified the plastic of ceramic art at maximum by giving it a consistent variation with the simple line and plan to express the plastic expression by pursuiting the essential significance of clay. In manufacture , this study made plastic manufacture with the method able to produce in a great quantity the pattern which was intended by the design of geometrical shape.;生活속에서 아름다움을 發見하고 美를 追求하는 것이 人間의 基本 欲求이며 점토라는 媒體로 空間을 創造하고 새로운 機能을 表現하는 藝術의 世界는 하나의 發見이다. 인간은 粘土로서 用과 美를 겸한 실용기로 器가 內布하고 있는 本質을 接合하게 생활에 適用해 왔다. 現代는 科學과 産業의 發達로 文化水準이 向上되어 住居生活 形態가 평면화 되었다. 特히 室內空間 내의 浴室은 과거의 단순한 洗面場所에서 벗어나 우리 생활에 安定과 情緖的으로 豊饒를 더하여주는 家族構成員 모두의 生活空間이 되었다. 이에 아름답고 實用的으로 꾸미려는 內面的 欲求가 강해지면서 浴室小品에 대한 觀心度가 높아 새로운 浴室小品 디자인이 활발히 進行되고 있어 市場性을 감안하여 볼때 開發의 소지가 충분하다고 할 수 있다. 現在 발달된 産業化時代로 商品의 開發이 活發히 進行되고 있으나 陶磁製 浴室小品에 있어서는 廣範圍한 使用性과 소비자의 現代感覺的인 購賣力에 비해 디자인이 실용적이지 못하여 그 機能을 다하지 못하고 있어 質的로 優秀하고 機能的으로 실용성을 갗춘 디자인 開發이 必要하다고 生覺된다. 이에 本 硏究에서는 視覺的으로 아름답고 機能的으로 실용성을 갖춘 陶磁製 浴室小品 開發에 관하여 硏究하고자 한다. 硏究方法은 參考文獻을 통하여 실내공간내의 浴室을 考察해보고 시중에서 판매되고 있는 陶磁製 浴室小品을 調査 分析하였다. 또한 女性들의 浴室小品 構入에 대한 意見과 購入實態를 알아보기 위하여 20代, 30代, 40代 여성을 對象으로 設問調査를 실시하였다. 市場調査 結果 現在 市中에서 販賣되고 있는 욕실소품의 形態는 幾何學的인 形態, 動物形, 植物形등이 많았고 色相은 無採色, 原色이 많았다. 用途는 꽂이 종류, 비누곽, 물컵 등이 많았다. 設問調査 結果 여성들은 單純明瞭한 現代的 感覺의 좋은 디자인의 浴室小品이 저렴한 價格으로 販賣되기를 원하였다. 浴室內의 環境과의 調和와 統一感의 분위기를 造成하기 위하여 幾何學的인 形態를 기초로 하여 디자인을 計劃하였다. 幾何學的인 形態는 실용성과 아름다움을 겸한 현대적 감각으로 進就的이며 簡潔하여 욕실소품을 開發하는데 있어 合理的인 형태로 生覺된다. 本 硏究에서는 이러한 기하학적 형태의 特性을 기초로 디자인을 計劃하여 陶磁製 浴室小品을 製作 하였다. 造形化하는 過程에서 意圖한 형태의 正確한 表現과 大量生産을 할 수 있는 方法으로 形態를 規格化 하였다.-
dc.description.tableofcontents論文槪要 = ⅴ Ⅰ. 序論 = 1 A. 硏究의 目的 = 1 B. 硏究의 方法 및 範圍 = 2 Ⅱ. 理論的 背最 = 4 A. 浴室의 變遷 = 4 B. 浴室의 機能 = 10 C. 市場調査 및 設間調査 分析 = 16 Ⅲ. 作品製作 및 解釋 = 36 A. 디자인의 展開過程 및 幾何學的 形態의 種類 = 36 B. 作品製作 = 39 C. 작품해석 = 72 Ⅳ. 結論 = 92 參考文獻 = 95 설문지 = 96 ABSTRACT = 100-
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dc.title浴室內의 陶磁製 小品 디자인 開發에 관한 硏究-
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dc.title.translated(A) Study on the Development of the Ceramic Property in the Bathroom-
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dc.identifier.major산업미술대학원 산업미술학과요업디자인전공- 2-
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