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dc.description.abstractA study was conducted to identify useful rules and facts on the effective accomplishment of sequence of physical development of Korean secondary school and elementary school children survey of secondary data and literature mainly through analysis of Professor Yun's study conducted in 1969. 1) It was discovered that the development of flexibility and agility were seen among the lower grade children of elementary schools, at the same time, such activities as requiring vigorous muscle exercises were shown rapid growth from the students who belong to the age group of secondary schools. 2) The differences of placement of their learning experience between male students and female students indicated that female students shown development 1-2 years ahead of male students of same age groups. It was also indicated that female students had shown drastic contrast among different physical fitness. 3) Although the same behavioral pattern can be seen among different learning experiences, it is recommended that the instructors pay more attention on the factors which can e better improved rather than attempting to accomplish all the aspects which can be attempted again in their secondary education. It can be concluded from both sexes that children are in their growth period until the age of 10 years to 11. years, and the latter period can be termed as the period of perfection. Therefore improving the curriculum of physical education according to the difference of the period is urged. 5) The following table shows the placement ratio according to the educational objectives for the improvement of physical fitness factors. A table of physical fitness factors, objectives and placement ratio. ◁표 삽입▷(원문을 참조하세요)-
dc.description.tableofcontentsⅠ. 緖論 = 1 A. 硏究의 趣旨와 目的 = 1 B. 硏究內容 = 3 C. 硏究過程 = 3 Ⅱ. 體育發達에 關한 考察 = 5 A. 體力의 各要因別 發達速度 = 5 B. 體力의 各年令別 發達率 = 17 Ⅲ. 體力의 各要因에 對한 敎育目的의 學年定置 = 25 A. 우리나라 새 體育敎科課程 試案의 目的檢討 = 25 B. 日本의 體育科敎科課程의 目的檢討 = 28 C. 體力에 對한 目的의 學年定置 = 29 Ⅳ. 結論 = 32 參考文獻 = 34-
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dc.publisher이화여자대학교 교육대학원-
dc.title體育科 敎科課程 構成을 위한 敎育目的의 學年 定置問題 硏究-
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dc.title.translated(A) study on grade placement of objectives for construction of physical education curriculum-
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dc.identifier.major교육대학원 체육교육전공- 8-
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