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初等學校 敎師 養成制度를 通한 初等學校 敎師의 資質에 關한 硏究

初等學校 敎師 養成制度를 通한 初等學校 敎師의 資質에 關한 硏究
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(A) Study and Analysis of Teacher's Training System for Improvement of Teacher's Qualities in Elementary Schools
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교육대학원 교육학전공초등교육분야
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A. 硏究의 目的 本 硏究는 우리나라 國民學校 敎師 養成制度를 學生選拔, 現職敎育, 職前敎育의 實態를 綜合的으로 分析하여 初等敎師의 資質向上을 爲한 敎師養咸 改善方案을 제시하는데 目的이 있으며 本 硏究의 具體的인 目的은 다음과 같다. 1. 初等敎師의 主 養成敎育機關인 敎育大學의 學生選拔制度는 바람직한 것인가를 敎育大學 在學生들에게 說問을 通해 알아보고 2. 初等敎師 資質向上을 爲해서 現職敎育에 對한 實態를 現職敎師들에게 說問을 통해 알아보며 3. 初等敎師의 職前敎育은 滿足스러운 것인가를 敎育大學 在學生과 敎育大學을 卒業한 現職敎師들에게 說問을 通해 알아보아 두 集團 反應間의 差의 意義를 알아 보았다. B. 硏究方法 및 節次 1. 硏究對象 및 標集 本 硏究의 對象은 서울敎育大學 在學生 300名과 서울特別市 東·西·南·北 敎育區廳所在 國民學校에 在職하고 있는 서울敎育大學 出身 現職敎師 300名을 對象으로 하였다. 2. 道具 本 硏究에 使用한 道具는 세種類의 質問紙로 作成하였다. 質問紙의 構成은 敎育大學 學生選拔制度에 關한 設問 열問項, 現職敎育에 對한 設問 열問項, 敎師敎育의 職前敎育制度에 對한 設問 열問項씩으로 되었다. 3. 資料分析 가) 敎育大學 在學生들에게 實施한 敎育大學生 選拔制度에 關한 資料는 百分率(100%)로 처리 하였다. 나) 現職敎師에게 實施한 現職敎育에 關한 資料는 百分率(100%)로 처리 하였다. 다) 敎育大學 在學生과 現職敎師에게 實施한 職前敎育에 關한 資料는 百分率(100%)을 내어 全體的인 경향을 알아보고 두 集團間의 反應間의 差를 x²로 檢證하였다. C. 硏究의 結論 1. 敎育大學 學生選拔은 適性檢査와 豫備考査 成績으로 選拔해야 바람직 하다. 2. 初等敎師 資質向上을 爲한 現職畿育은 一線敎師들이 現場에서 活用度가 높은 內容으로 改善實施 되어야 참여의욕과 성취의욕을 높이고 初等敎師 資質을 높일 수 있다. 3. 敎師敎育의 職前敎育은 敎育大學 在學生들과 敎育大學을 率業한 現職敎師들이 다같이 그敎育大學의 敎育施設 擴充과 改善을 바라고 있고, 敎育課程의 運營이 敎育現場에서 活用度가 높은 內容으로 構成되고 敎育方法도 科學化 되기를 願하고 있으며 敎育大學의 援業年限이 延長되기를 願하고 있었다. 두 集團間의 反應間의 差는 1% 水準에서 意義가 있는 것으로 나타났다.;A. Purpose of Study This study intended to anlayze the teacher's training system for elementary school, specifically concerned with the selection procedures, preservice education and inservice training for elementary school teachers. It was further intended to review courses offered at colleges for teachers and suggestion of improving teachers qualities as perceived by students and teachers in public schools. Problems and issues concerned as related to the purpose of the study are as follows : (1) Alternatives of the selective procedures of students for junior education colleges and other training institutes (2) Opinion of teachers in public schools as to teachers inservice education (3) Differences in opinions and views between two groups, students and teachers concerning the following ; a. Courses offered at the colleges for students b. Length of education at the teachers college c. Selection procedures of teachers to the college B. Method and Process of Study (1) Subjects of the study and Sampling Total of 600 participants were involved in the study, 300 students of Seoul Junior Education College, 300 teachers graduated from the college. The teachers were selected from elementary schools from four regions of Seoul School District. (2) Analysis of Data a. The tools used for this study were comprised of three different questionaires, each contains a 10-item, on selective alternatives of students for junior education college, the inservice training program and teacher education at the colleges. b. Responses for each item were tabulated and showed in frequency and percentage. c. To made a comparision between the two groups on the concerned catagories Chi-square was used. C. Conclusion (1) Admission criteria to junior education college is recommended to depend on an aptitude test and preliminary examination for college admission. (2) It is highly recommended that inservice program should be revised by the teachers as to the course contents, time of training and number of training session. This could increase the participation rate of teachers in their inservice traihing. (3) It is recommened by both student teachers and teachers that collage education for teachers has more emphasis on teaching method in it's curriculum. They also prefer four-year teacher college to 2-year junior college. Opinions between two groups are found to be significantly different at 1% level however.
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