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패션상품의 색채기획 방법에 관한 연구

패션상품의 색채기획 방법에 관한 연구
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산업미술대학원 산업미술학과의상디자인전공
이화여자대학교 산업미술대학원
패션상품은 다양한 요인을 가지고 소비자의 감각에 호소하고 있다. 그 중에서도 색채는 시각적으로 강렬한 호소력을 가진다는 중요성 때문에, 색채를 종래와 다른 방법으로 기획 할 필요가 있다. 색채기획이 종래와 같이 디자이너의 주관이나 개인의 경험에 의존하지 않고 체계적인 자료에 의해서 정리 되어야 한다는 것이다. 본 연구에서는 색채 기획을 효과적으로 구성하기 위한 방법으로, 소비자 측면에서 착용자의 색채 기호를 조사 분석하고, 국내의 섬유제품 사업체에서 사용한 색채를 조사하고, 패션상품의 매장의 판매 현황을 설문지 법으로 조사하였다. 패션산업에서는 새로운 상품의 판매고를 높이기 위하여 유행색을 짧은 주기로 변화시키고, 시대환경의 변화에 따른 심리적 평형유지나 새롭고 신선한 색의 이미지를 제시함이 중요하다. 상품기획에 있서 색채는 소비자에게 만족을 주며 경영면에서 중요성을 갖는다. 또 비쥬얼 머천다이징의 정보 파악이 중요한 요점이 되어 그 과정과 패션상품 기획과의 연결점을 확인해 보았다. 그 결과 소비자가 구매 충동을 느끼게 하는 색채의 영향력이 단계적인 발전을 보이므로 그에 따른 연구가 필요하다. 본 연구에서는 스키웨어의 종류와 선택 및 기호도에 대하여 조사하였다. 스키웨어는 색채배색 과정에서 특히 생동감이 있고 활력이 넘치는 색채를 선택 하는 것이 효과적이다. 또 추운 동절기의 옥외 활동이므로 보온에 주의해야 하며, 사고나 충돌을 예비하여 하인의 눈에 잘 띄는 보호색을 사용하는 일이 중요하다. 스키웨어의 색채 기획 결과는 다음과 같다. 1. 동일한 계절의 국내외 색채 착용 실태가 상당히 다르다. 국내에서는 단색, 이색배색이 강하고 구미에서는 삼색 또는 다색배색의 경향이 있다. 2. 전체 색채로서의 비중이 드러난다. 어떤 색채가 전체에서 차지하는 비중이 파악되었다. 3. 유사한 색이라도 색상이나 색조가 달라지는 경향을 알수 있었다. '89년에는 더 밝은 색조로 선명해 지는 경향을 드러내고 있다. 위에서 분석된 자료를 기준으로 색채를 기획함으로서, 패션상품의 색채 기획에서 새로운 방향으로 선도해 갈 수 있을것으로 본다. 아울러 체계적인 색채기획의 방법은, 상품의 효율성을 높이는 데 중요할 것으로 본다.;Fashion commodities appeal to the sensibility of consumers with a vriety of its factors. Among them, because of the importance that color has a visibly dazzling strength of appeal, the color should be needed to devise with other varied method from the existing pattern. It is thus required to readjust the color plan not through the subject point of view by designers as they used to have or by relying on an individual's experience but by its relevant systematic data. In this manuscript a series of survey were conducted on the case example for selling the fashion commodities at a sales counter through enquete to couple with an analysis on the colors that have been used by each domestic manufacturer in parallel with seizing the concrete case of color worn by consumers through preparing the charts based on the method of effectively composing the color plan. The data collected in the survey as outlined above were attempted to prepare the case examples of the color planning by each stage with the establishment of a simulated trademark supposedly entitled "A Company". As the result, it was able to gain the effects as follows : In the fashion industry a sort of rule would be customarily practiced to vary a fashionable color through a short cycle in order to sell more commodities of new design, and if even a single color is appeared to have only the minutest change, they would be subject to revive through providing a new name in order to display them in a newer style. Thus, it is imperative to note that the fashionable color should present the very image of new and fresh color or to maintain a psychological equilibrium subsequent to the change of the time environment. Also, further attempts were made on confirming the connecting point with the planning of its process and the fashion as an important point to grasp an information on visual merchandising. As the result, the influence of color alluring the customers into a procurement would appear to have a staged progress, and thus it is deemed necessary for the professional specialists to deal with the program. In this study a verification was attempted on ski wears as a case example of the color planning to become cognitive of the kinds and the colors for the ski wears as a preceding stage in the plan. It would be more effective for the ski wears to choose the colors with full of life and vitality in particular during its process of coloration. The summary for the color planning on ski wears prepared by this individual is described as follows : To begin with, data were collected as to classify two kinds of male colors and five kinds of female colors through utilizing overseas informations in order to become familiar with the updated fashion knowledge. With the classification applied to the colors worn by consumers both at home and abroad, the data concentrating on the result to prepare charts through the collected coloration were revealed. The result of data obtained in this study is as follows : 1. The actual state for wearing colors at home during an identical season would be considerably differed. 2. The weight of overall colors are exposed. It was possible to size whether large or small weight that a certain color would occuply as a whole. In case of frese color tone as being an emphatic color, the dominant color would be shown up together with the deep and dark colors such as black and dark blue colors, etc. The garments specialized in ski would be emphasized with a fluorescent color tone. 3. It was possible to understand that even a similar color would be tended to vary its color tone and shade. In the year of 1989 a tendency is being uncovered to refresh them into brighter color tones. On the basis of the data analyzed as above, the survey conducted through a series of questionnaires on domestic sales record was made it possible to get hold of the points that the tastes of consumers purchasing ski wears at home would be different from those of foreigners and would be also differed according to each month and each social stratum. Therefore, it may be envisioned that the color plan for commodities in the next year can lead without leaning towards a new direction through attempting to devise more concrete and appropriate colors with the data surveyed as above. At the same time, the commodities that is adequately through with the color plan should be paid attention to their exhibition. As this individual has so far presented the case examples in concrete for conducting a display at a sales counter, it might be possible to get favorable responses from the consumers efficiently through the fashion commodities when the color planning would be well composed for the sales counter, depending on each season and the positon of a sales counter as well as stratum of consumers. Hence, it may be considered that if the color is devised in accordance with the method analyzed in this study, it will contribute to promote the sales rate of commodities, and it is furthermore deemed as important to enhance the efficiency of commodities through a series of more rational and systematic method of the color plan in this regard.
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