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유치원 실내환경의 시설물에 관한 연구

유치원 실내환경의 시설물에 관한 연구
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(A) STUDY ON THE FACILITIES OF INDOOR ENVIRONMENT IN KINDERGARTEN : With Emphasis on the Point at Issue and the Improvement Device
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산업미술대학원 산업미술학과제품디자인전공
이화여자대학교 산업미술대학원
The facilities in the indoor space of a kindergarten plays an important role to adjust and to directly assist the activities of infants according to their educatinal programs. In particular, such an indoor space of knidergarten should have, since it is supported by comprehensive educational activities, eachrespective independent region in terms of functional aspect, and at the same time they should be ito;ozed as the region for composite activities. Therefore, the placement for educational instruments pursuant to the region of activities should be possessed with the variableness of high frequencies. However, the actual status on the facilities of kindergarten in our country is revealed to have following controversial issues us in Ⅱ-5: 1) The region of activities related to programs were not classified. 2) the fixed structure of facilities might have its stability and solidity, but it would not possess the variableness according to its size and volume of the space that should be able to accommodate them. In addition, ti was impossible for the utilization of such a space as other region of activities as well as incapable of moving ability by infants at their discretion. 3) The educational instruments suitable to each respective region of activities as the uniformed characteristics of ordinary basic tool were revealed to be short of the requisite quantities as normally denanded. 4) The "Anthropometric Data" on infants were not adequately affected in this regard. 5) The sfety and convenience were not considered due to the use of inappropriate materials. Thus, the improving device presented in this thesis was layed with an emphasis on classifying the region so of activities based on the goal of infantile education and its programs. Also, in order to enhance the effect of their studies, the placement of educational instruments acceding the regions of activities by each peculiarity should possess its relevant variableness, and therefore the appropriate educational instruments according to their behaviors were proposed to the authorities concerned.;1970년대 이후 문화·경제적인 측면의 급속한 발전과 생활수준의 향상에 따라 취학전 유아기의 조기교육이 강조되고 있다. 성장 발달기의 유아들에게 있어 환경이란 매우 중요하며, 특히 외적환경의 조건에 따라 발달과정에 많은 영향을 미치게 되므로 그들의 능력과 흥미에 대한 변화를 고려한 환경을 조성해 주어야 한다. 따라서 본 연구의 목적은 유아교육의 물리적 환경에 대한 부분으로써 유아들에게 적합하고 기능적인 교구시설의 개선방안을 제안하는데 있다. 본 연구의 진행과정은 유치원의 일반적인 개념과 유치원 교구시설을 이론적으로 고찰하고, 현재 유치원의 교구시설의 실태와 활용등을 분석하여 제반 문제점을 파악하고 교육의 효과를 높이기 위하여 프로그램과 맞게끔 수업특성별로 각 구룹마다 작업동선을 고려한 교구 배치를 제안한다. 즉 교구를 단위화하고 모듈화(MODULE)하여 적극적으로 학습효과를 높이는 한편 교구의 배치를 가변성(VARIATION) 있게 한다.
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