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dc.description.abstract모든 學問硏究의 先行條件은 적당한 書誌資料의 活用에 있는데 國內 外로 韓國學에 대한 關心이 높아지고 硏究者가 날로 늘어감에 따라 一次的으로 要求되는 것은 韓國에 關한 旣存資料 및 새로운 資料를 發掘 蒐集하여 이에 관한 書誌情報를 諸硏究者에게 提供하는 일이다. 韓國書誌精報의 提供을 위해 利用되는 資料로서는 古今에 걸쳐 刊寫 된 藏書目錄, 辰示目綠, 一般書目을 들 수 있다. 本 解題目錄은 주로 朝鮮中期 以後부터 1975年 8月末에 이르기까 지의 上記 資料目錄들을 總括하여 新·舊 韓國十進分類法에 의하여 分類하되 目錄의 性格上 다소 수정하여 總類를 書誌一般, 圖書館學, 一般 論文集, 一般定期刊行物·新聞·雜誌로 細分하고 이어서 宗敎, 社會科學, 純粹·技術科學, 藝術, 語學·文學, 歷史·史料·資料類로 區分한 후 書名 의 音順에 따라 排列하였다. 解說은 간결히 收錄範圍, 內容, 編成方法 을 記述하고 필요시에는 보다 상세한 說明을 하였으며 卷末에는 利用 者가 편리하도록 編者索引과 書名索引을 첨부하였다. 本 解題目錄이 미흡하나마 그런대로 韓國學硏究者들의 入門的 資料로 活用되어 韓國學의 硏究가 활발히 展開되기를 기대한다.;The condition precedent to study all kinds of science is how to make the most of the bibliographic materials. Accordingly, the most required thing which coincide with the tendency of in- creasing interests in Koreanology and its students, is to offer the bibliographic information after exavating and collecting the existing and new materials to all the students of Koreanology. The materials, which are used to provide the korean bibliographic informations, are broadly defined as Catalogs, Exhibi- tion lists and general bibliographies published and copied from old times to present. This annotated bibliography includes those abov-mentioned materials and they are classified by the old and new editions of Korean Decimal Classification. But it is a little revised according to the characteristics and uses of this annotated bibliography; General works which are devided by General bibliography, Library science, General collected essays, General pe- riodicals. Newspaper. Journalism, Religion, Social sciences, Pure sciences Technology, The arts, Language. Literature, History. Historical meterials. Under the each classes, the arrangement is according to the order of titles with appended compilers index. The explanation of every item simply covers the scope, the contents and the formation, but if necessary, more detailed expla- nation is given. The appearence of this "Annotated bibliography for the Korean bibliographic materials". is expected to be used as the fundamental material for the students of Koreanology ana also to help the active research of Koreanology.-
dc.description.tableofcontents論文槪要 = ⅳ 序文 = 1 凡例 = 3 총류 = 5 書誌一般 = 5 도서관학 = 94 一般論文集 = 95 一般定期刊行物ㆍ新聞ㆍ雜誌 = 101 宗敎 = 118 사회과학 = 124 晩特ㆍ기술과학 = 136 예술 = 140 어학ㆍ문학 = 142 歷史ㆍ史料ㆍ資料 = 147 참고문헌 = 154 編者索引 = 155 書名素引 = 165 -ABSTRACT- = 175-
dc.format.extent5176553 bytes-
dc.publisher이화여자대학교 교육대학원-
dc.title韓國書誌資料 關係文獻解題目錄-
dc.typeMaster's Thesis-
dc.title.translated(The) Annotated bibliography for the Korean bibliographic materials-
dc.format.page176 p.-
dc.identifier.major교육대학원 사서교육전공- 2-
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