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兒童의 讀書實態에 관한 分析的 硏究

兒童의 讀書實態에 관한 分析的 硏究
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(An) Analytical Study on Reading Status of School Children
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교육대학원 사서교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
本 硏究의 目的은 兒童들의 讀書에 대한 態度, 讀書方法, 讀書環境, 圖書購人, 讀書量 그리고 讀書傾向 等을 調査하고, 그 結果를 地域別, 性別, 그리고 學年別로 비교하는 데 있다. 本 硏究에서 사용한 主된 道具는 本人이 作成한 「讀書傾向에 관한 質問紙」였으며, 標集對象은 性別, 地域別(大都市, 中都市, 農村) 및 學年別(國民學校 2~中學校 2)로 區分하여 선정한 2,678명이다. 本 硏究에서는 다음과 같은 점을 調査하여 分析하였다. 1. 讀書에 대한 態度 A. 讀書意識 B. 讀書意識의 動機 2. 讀書方法 A. 讀書方法 B. 讀書活動 3. 讀書環境 A. 藏書量 B. 讀書指導 C. 讀書施設에 대한 意見 D. 圖書入手方法 4. 圖書購入 A. 年間圖書 購入量 B. 圖書選擇을 위한 意思決定 方法 C. 圖書購入者 D. 圖書購入量 出處 5. 讀書量 A. 月間讀書量 B. 月間讀書 時間量 6. 讀書傾向 A. 讀書種類 이상과 같이 兒童들의 讀書實態에 관한 調査에서 얻은 結果 및 分析에서 다음과 같은 結論과 提言을 얻었다. 1. 結論 우리나라 아들들의 讀書에 대한 態度, 讀書方法은 좋은 편이지만 讀書環境은 만족스럽지 못하다. 특히 大都市의 아동들에 비하여 中都市와 農村의 兒童들의 讀書環境이 더 좋지 못하다. 讀書에 대한 態度, 讀書方法, 讀書環境, 圖書購入, 讀書量은 性別 차이가 없지만, 讀書傾向에 性別 차이가 있다. 다음과 같은 점에서 地域別 차이가 있다. 讀書意識 讀書意識의 動機, 讀書方法, 讀後活動, 藏書量, 讀書指導, 讀書施設에 대한 意見, 圖書入手方法, 圖書購入量, 圖書購入者, 圖書購入費, 月間讀書量, 讀書傾向. 다음과 같은 점에서 學文別 차이가 있다. 讀後活動, 讀書指導, 圖書購入量, 圖書選擇, 意思決定方法, 圖書購入者, 圖書購入費, 月間讀書量, 讀書傾向. 2. 提言 兒童들의 讀書環境, 특히 中都市와 農村 兒童들의 讀書環境을 개선하기 위한 구체적인 計劃의 樹立과 實踐이 要望된다. 특히 學敎의 圖書館施設의 充實化가 要求됨과 同時에 兒童들에 대한 圖書館 利用指導가 要望되며 讀書實態調査를 위한 綜合的인 方法이 摸索되어야 할 必要가 있다.;The purpose of present study is to investigate children's attitude toward reading, reading method, reading environment, reading volume, reading tendency and purchase of books, ans than to compare the results obtained by set, area and grade. The tool used in this survey study was a questionaire for children's reading trend designed specially by the investigator. The questionaire was distributed to 2,678 children selected at the decretion of the investing tor with due consideration of sez, area (large city, medium city and rural community) and grade (2nd grade of primary school - 2nd year of middle school). The results of this study are summarized as follows; Questionaire item Response Approx % Attitudes toward reading Reading consciousness; Reading is absolutely necessary 88 Motivation reading Reading helps to gain knowledge consciousness; and refinement 63 Questionaire Items Response Approx % Reading Method Reading Method; Read attentively 45 Activity after reading Recollect and summarize the subject that has been read 34 Reading environment No. of book collected; Less than 20 books 55 Reading guidance; Guided by parents 79 Opinion on reading facilities; Satisfied with reading facilities at home 75 Purchase of Books No. of book purchased per year; 2 or 3 books 31 How to select books to read; Decide according to the opinion of parents 46 Purchaser of books; Children themselves 35 Source of purchasing cost of books; From parents 50 Questionaire Item Response Approx % Reading Volume Monthly; 2 or 3 books 34 Reading hours per day; about 1 hour 46 Reading Tendency Kind of reading; Fairy tales are the most favorite subject of reading 28.4 Regional difference was observed in respect of the following; Reading consciousness, motivation of reading consciousness, reading method, activity after reading, number of books collected, reading guidance, opinion on reading facilities, how to obtain books to read, purchase of books, purchaser of books, cost of book, monthly reading volume, and reading tendency. Also difference by grade or school year was observed in respect of the following; Activity after reading, reading guidance, cost of books, how to select books to read, purchase of books, monthly reading volume, and reading tendency. The following conclusions have been made based on the results of the survey study; 1. The children's attitude toward reading and reading method may be considered favorable while reading environment is not satisfactory yet. Especially, reading environment of school children in medium cities and rural communities is worse than that of those in large cities. 2. Fo difference by sex was observed in respect of attitudes toward reading, reading method, reading environment, purchase of books and reading volume while difference by sex was observed in respect of reading tendency. The followings are recommended based on the results obtained from the survey study; 1. To establish and carry out a comprehension program for the improvement of reading environment of the school. children in medium cities and rural communities. 2. To improve and substantiate school library facilities and design a proper guidance program to have the children utilize school library to the maximum extent. 3. To contemplate on the consolidated measures for reading status survey.
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