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스키복의 디자인과 기능성의 상관관계 연구

스키복의 디자인과 기능성의 상관관계 연구
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(A) Study on Corelation of Design of Ski Wear and Function Thereof
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산업미술대학원 산업미술학과의상디자인전공
이화여자대학교 산업미술대학원
근육과 심폐 기능을 강화시키는 전신운동의 대명사인 스키는 우리나라에서 최근 소득 수준이 높아지면서 점차 애호 인구가 늘어나 연 인원 60만명에 이르러 대중 레저 스포츠로 정착 단계에 이르렀다. 기능을 중시하는 스포츠 웨어는 레저붐을 타고 대중화 평상복화 되고 있는데 이는 일반인들이 직접 스포츠에 참여함으로서 스포츠웨어가 새로운 패션으로 각광을 받기 시작하였다. 이에 따라 스키복에서는 심미적인 아름다움과 기능이 동시에 추구되는 디자인 개발이 요구되고 있다. 본 연구에서는 스키복의 디자인 요소와 활동 기능성을 서로 조화시켜 보다 편안하고 쾌적하면서도 스키어들에게 심리적인 만족감을 줄수있는 디자인을 개발 하는 것을 목적으로 한다. 스키복의 디자인 개발을 위한 기초적인 자료로서 스키의 역사, 스키의 복장에 관해 문헌 조사를 하였으며, 스키복이 요구하는 기능 조건들에 대하여 조사하였다. '87/'88동절기의 국내외 스키복 현황을 조사하고 스키 관련 전문인을 조사 대상자로 삼아 앙케이트 및 직접 면담법을 통하여 국내외 스키복의 상품 만족도를 비교 분석 하였다. 이러한 과정에서 현재 국내 스키복의 문제점을 분석하였고, 스키복 디자인 개발을 위한 개선 제안으로 결론을 내렸다. 그 결론에 따라 디자인적인 요소와 기능적인 요소를 조화시킨 스키복 8작품을 제작하였다.;The ski is the pronoun of the whole-body sports which strengthen the function of the muscle and heart-lung and the population who enjoy ski is increasing as the standard of income gets higher, and the number is 6 hundred thousand per one year and it is in the per one year stage of being the popular leisure sports. The sports wear which respects the function becomes popular and wearing the sports wear as usual dress is booming, and this means that the citizens take part in the sports directly, and the sports wear started to be into the lime light as the new fashion. In accordance with this, the development of design which seek for the aesthetic beauty and function at the same time is required. In this study, factors of the design of the ski wear and the function of activities are mutually harmonized, and it is purposed to develop the design which can give the psychological satisfaction to the skiers in convenience and agreeableness. As the basic data for development of design of ski wear, the history of ski and ski wear were examined, the function which the ski wear requires was also reviewed. The function condition which the ski wear requires is the fitting function, sports appliance function, physiological function, psychological function, protection and security function, washing and durability function, protection function from wound and injury, heat protection function in detail. The satisfactory degree of ski wear as the commercial goods was compared and analyzed through the questionaire and direct interview to the professionals related in ski and examined the status of ski wear internally and externally in the winter season of'87/'88. In this course, the matters in question was found out about the domestic ski wear, and the matters in question are as below. 1. At the time of wearing the ski wear, the movement of physical body is not free. 2. The design and color of domestically made ski wear is unsatisfactory in the aspect of sense. 3. The size of ski wear is not taken in position. 4. The durable sewing of the ski wear is required. 5. The difference between the ski wear and the casual wear is unclear. 6. The domestically made ski wear is the foreign style imitation in most eases. 7. The function of ski wear did not be considered. 8. In the ski wear, the male and female joint use styles are prevalent. The following suggestion of betterment is hereby presented to eradicate the matters in question and to develop the ski wear which the design and function are harmonized. 1. At the time of wearing the ski wear, the pattern for activities of the physical body should be fixed. 2. The design of ski wear should be developed which is usable in the aesthetic sense and special function. 3. The development of excellent material of the ski wear should be developed on the basis of professional scope. 4. The ski special sports wear should be developed. 5. The character of sports brand should be clearly fixed, and the transfer to collector brand should be performed. 6. The professional research center assisted on the national scope which studies the information of sports science and sports wear information generally should be furthered. 7. The study on the color of ski wear should be done. 8. The sewing technique of ski wear should be advanced.
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