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高麗靑磁와 朝鮮朝白磁 甁形의 比較硏究

高麗靑磁와 朝鮮朝白磁 甁形의 比較硏究
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Comparative Study on Koryo Celadon and White Porcelain of Yi Dynasty
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산업미술대학원 산업미술학과요업디자인전공
이화여자대학교 산업미술대학원
陶磁甁이란 조형상 입을 좁게 만들어 液體를 담기 편리한 形態로 실용화한 陶磁器의 일종이다. 陶磁甁은 그 用途가 다양한 만큼 많은 形態로 제작되었고 또한 時代를 반영하는 만큼 그 樣式도 여러면에서 變化되었다. 高麗靑磁와 朝鮮朝白磁의 甁은 이러한 사회상과 시대상에 따르는 특성이 독창적인 形態로 나타나 있다. 이와같이 時代的 특성은 지니며 다양하게 제작된 고려청자와 조선조백자의 甁에는 각 시대만의 독특한 形態 및 두 時代에 공통적으로 나타나는 形態를 볼 수 있다. 本 硏究에서는 高麗靑磁와 朝鮮朝白磁의 甁形을 比較할 수 있도록 두시대에 공통으로 나타나 比較할 수 있는 形甁에서 現存하는 數가 多量인 長頸甁을 중심으로 基準形을 설정하여 전, 목, 동체, 굽의 部分形態와 全體形態로 分析하여 두시대의 長頸甁을 比較해 보고 그 밖에 瓢形甁 으로 硏究 範圍를 제한하였다. 그 結果 長頸甁은 긴 목이 特徵으로 甁面이 둥근 形態를 지닌 圖形 長頸甁과 甁面에 角을 낸 角形 長頸甁으로 分類된다. 高麗靑磁 圖形 長頸甁은 외반된 전이 긴 목에 연결되어 부드러운 S자의 曲線形으로 나타나거나 직립된 긴 목이 球形의 동체에 연결되고 있다. 반면 朝鮮朝白磁 圖形 長頸甁은 高麗것에 비해 두툼하게 직립된 긴 목이 左右로 펑퍼짐한 楕圖形의 동체와 연결되거나 球形의 동체와 연결되었다. 高麗靑磁 角形 長頸甁은 동체보다 유난히 긴 목이 좁게 직립되어 球形의 동체와 연결되는데 동체의 基本 甁形이 크게 變形되지 않는 範圍 內에서 甁面에 세로로 6角이나 8角으로 모깍기하였다. 반면 朝鮮朝白磁 角形 長頸甁은 고려것에 비해 두껍고 약간 짧아진 목이 직립되고 동체가 球形이나 卵形의 기본 甁形에 다양한 方法으로 角을 내었는데 角을 친 甁面이 매우 심한 각도로 깍여 있고 甁面이 넓게 제작되었다. 瓢形甁은 표주박의 형상을 甁으로 應用하여 제작한 것이다. 高麗靑磁 瓢形甁은 표주박의 실물形 그대로를 나타내고 있는데 각각의 甁形에 큰 變化가 없으며 全體形態가 유연한 곡선미를 이루고있다. 반면 朝鮮朝白磁 瓢形甁은 표주박의 特徵을 완만한 曲線과 직선으로 應用하여 甁形으로 나타내고 있는데 각각의 甁形이 다양화 되었으며 全體形態가 투박함을 보인다.;A ceramic pitcher is a kind of porcelain that has a narrow mouth to put liquid in it. Ceramic pitchers show the aesthetic sense of each epoch by the process of their formation, and they are rich in varieties and characterize the days of their formation and created strikingly original culture of each epoch. Consequently, Koryo celadon pitchers and White Ceramic pitchers of Yi Dynasty have the characteristics and social community of the times, and these two kinds of ceramic pitchers show the characteristics of the two different times. At the same time they also have something in common. I am going to narrow down this study to the long-necked type and cylindrical type of pitchers comparing them with each other wich expresses the common feature of both epochs. I also studied the projecting brim, neck, body and stem of pitchers by comparing each part and sometimes as a whole. ◁그림 삽입▷(원문을 참조하세요) Koryo celadon pitchers express the same stream of a small goured vessel describing a parabola. They have the beauty of curved lines and we do not see much changes in the shape of pitchers, but they have variety in shape and something of clumsiness. The long-necked pitchers: This kind of pitchers have a long neck, and they are classified into two, that is, one has a cylindrical body and other has a polygonal body. This kind of ceramic pitchers were produced in quantities in the days of Koryo and Yi Dynasty and used in many ways. The cylindrical pitcher of Koryo Celadon has a long and narrow neck describing the beauty of curved line. One of them has a cylindrical body and another has a shape of melon. On the other hand, white ceramic pitcher of Yi Dynasty has a baggy long neck describing slow stream of curved line. In other word, the pitchers of Koryo celadon describes an elogant womanly beauty of a polished shape, but the white ceramic pitcher of Yi Dynasty has a silent, manly beauty of tranquility. Polygonal long-necked pitchers of Koryo celadon has an extremely long neck connected with its body which has a shpae of lemon, and it also has hexagon or octagon virtically around the body. But white ceramic pitcher of Yi Dynasty has a polygonal long neck, and its neck is a little shorter and thicker than that of Koryo celadon. It also has many different polygonal shapes having broad face and cut in sharp angle and transformed a lot from its original shape. Especially, the body forms many different polygon such as cylindrical neck, square, and long neck with the variety of polygon, cut a groove in the stem of the pitcher, and we cannot see much of this kind of pitchers in Koryo celadon. Pitchers of Koryo celadon were made exquisite and shows polished and dexterious handicraft. On the other hand, white ceramic pitcher of Yi Dynasty is somewhat clumsy and blunt compared with the pitchers of Koryo celadon. The body of Koryo celadon pitcher has the ratio of one to three in width and length, which means it has a narrow, long body But the body of white ceramic pitcher of Yi Dynasty has the ratio of one to two in width and length which means that it looks a little dull and tranquil, and many different types of pitchers were made by changing the length of pitchers. We find long-necked pitchers of Koryo celadon a lot, but only one of cylindrical pitcher. On the other hand, we find many different shapes of pitchers in the white porcelain of Yi Dynasty. Especially, we find colorful shapes in polygonal long-necked pitchers. We find the following differences if we compare the pitchers of those two different periods. The shape of the pitchers were influenced by social, political and religeous background, and those two different shapes of pitchers represent their social, political and religeous background very well. If I go into detail, the pitchers of Koryo celadon show their gorgeous sense influenced by China of Song Dynasty together with the aesthetic sentiments of Koryo noblemen, and they have the beauty of curved line and the sentiments of womanly beauty and polished handicraft of the times. On the other hand, white ceramic pitchers of Yi Dynasty show porcelain culture influenced by the aristocratic class of Yi Dynasty and represent unsophiscated, honest aesthetic sense of common potters of Yi Dynasty mixing a slow curved line and straight, bold line of manly beauty. Now, we have come to understand that the pitchers of Koryo celadon has a womanly beauty with their gorgeous beauty, but those of white porcelain of Yi Dynasty has a manly beauty with their simple and honest aesthetic sentiments. I sincerely hope that we should put much more effort developing ceramic pitchers so that we may live in an aesthetic surroundings in the midst of modern busy life.
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