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國內 中年女性 旣成服의 現況

國內 中年女性 旣成服의 現況
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산업미술대학원 산업미술학과의상디자인전공
이화여자대학교 산업미술대학원
This is a study on the present condition of the Ready-To-Wear Clothes for middle-aged women now on the sale in the domestic market. The middle-aged are so well experienced as to be able to establish mental faculties to make proper judgement and view of value of objects which exist surrounding them. They have achieved the peak of self-making either in the field of social activities or in the area of household management. However, they have become gradually to be aware of senile decay of their physical condition and to be much concerned in their wearings with some uneasiness and embarassment. Taking into account the change of physical conditions of the middle-aged women and its effect upon their psychological wandering there must be set up a new plan of life wearing apparel for the mass of middle-aged women, which is sound and elegant fitted to the zone of age. This study deals with these subjects together with some other incidental problems. Finished goods of King Size that had been shipped from warehouse of the major producers and makers during the period from letter part of 1970's to recent time, has been surveyed to determine how the middle-aged zone of women depends upon the ready to-wear women's clothes and what is the quality and design of these clothes or what is their price level. The short comings of physical transition of the middle-aged women and remedy of them have been viewed from the point of apparel psychology and that of fashion to grop the problems into such areas as physical types, design, and future prospect. The followings are the conclusions obtained from the above study. 1) No standard values could be found for the size of each part of physical constitutions of the middle-aged women, and so called large size or king size has been derived from appropriate enlarging is sizes for young women which now prevail. 2) The morality of trades from manufacturing concerns and from marketing ones should be questioned for their marketing prospects and price forming. 3) Doubtful recognition of necessity for institution of professional designs of the ready-to-wear cloths for the middle-aged women as a fashion industry. 4) Improvement of general acceptability ready-to-wear clothes is desired, and further, development of total fashion which gives profound consideration to the accessaries in line with the popularization of activities of apparels. These problems have been brought to the attention of those who are now a days concerned about the ready-to-wear clothes for the middle-aged women.;本 論文은 국내에서 시판되는 中年女性 旣成服의 現況을 考察한 것이다. 中年期는 연륜에 의해 쌓아올린 경험을 통하여 事物에 대한 判斷力과 價値觀이 確立되어 사회활동이나 가정경영등에서 자기성취도가 절정에 이르는 시기이다. 그러나, 서서히 다가오는 肉體的인 老衰現象을 자각하며 衣生活에 갈등과 당혹을 느낀다. 이러한 身體的 變化에 따른 心理的 방황까지 고려하여 연령에 적합한 건전하고 품위있는 中年期 衣生活 計劃을 생각하고 이에 따른 여러 문제를 다루어 보았다. 즉, 70年代 후반부터 최근에 이르기까지 各 主要 업체에서 出庫되어 온 킹사이즈 製品을 대상으로 해서 제품의 質과 디자인·價格·중년여성의 기성복에의 依存度등을 정리해 보았다. 그리하여, 中年女性의 신체적 변화에 따른 弱點과 그 補完등을 팻션상의 問題와 衣裳心理的인 면으로 요약해서 體型·디자인·展望 등으로 大別하였다. 1. 중년 여성층을 위한 身體 各 部位의 치수 基準値가 거의 全無하며 現存하는 것은 단지 젊은 女性의 치수를 적절히 늘려서 킹 사이즈(King Size)로 명칭만 되어 있었다. 2. 市場性과 價格形成도 製造業體와 流通業體의 무분별한 商道義 문제를 안고 있다. 3. 팻션 産業으로서 중년여성 기성복의 전문적 디자인을 위한 認識度가 낮은 편이다. 그러므로, 旣成服의 일반적인 受容性 외에도 衣服活動에 따른 服飾의 토탈팻션(Total Fashion)으로의 확대등을 전망하며 現 時點에서 중년여성 기성복이 안고 있는 여러가지 問題點 해소에 一助가 되었으면 한다.
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