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무역 중국어 교재로서의 '老乞大' 연구

무역 중국어 교재로서의 '老乞大' 연구
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(A) Study of Nogeoladae As a Chinese Trade Textbook
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교육대학원 중국어교육전공
무역중국어 교재노걸대
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
Nogeoldae( ≪老乞大≫) ) is estimated to be written at the end of Goryeo Dynasty, and it had been used until Joseon Dynasty for about five hundred years as a conversation textbook for trade with China. The fact that it had been cherished for a long time like this, proves that it had great practicality as a Chinese trade textbook. The primary aim of this thesis is laid on clarifying the value of Nogeoldae as a Chinese trade textbook. This thesis investigates the editor, the compiled period, and the background of publishing Nogeoldae, and summarizes the contents of each lesson. Nogeoldae consists of two volumes. The first volume has 54 lessons, it deals with common expressions which a trader has to practice on his way to China. This thesis divides the first volume into two parts, the expressions needed for exchanging information and the expressions needed for common life. The second volume of Nogeoldae has 53 lessons, it deals with useful expressions for a trader in Chinese trade market. This thesis divides the second volume into two parts also, the expressions for sale and the expressions for purchase. After that, this thesis translates the original Chinese sentences into contemporary Korean, and analyzes its characteristics in construction, expression and contents. The primary contents of this thesis is as follows: It has been estimated that Nogeoldae was compiled at the end of Goryeo Dynasty. From its basic construction and detailed contents, it has been estimated that Nogeoldae was written by Goryeo people. The characteristic features of Nogeoldae is as follows: The first, it has the excellence in construction. As it has a story construction and has various topics and characters in it, it makes learners get interested in the textbook and study the business Chinese which is needed in the all process of foreign trade. It has set up a lot of typical and special conversation situations, so it aids, learners to improve various practical conversation skills. The second, it has the excellence in expression. Nogeoldae usually gives the characters very bad conditions, so it. forces the characters to use various expressions to ask, reconfirm and demand a lot of things to others. From doing it, the learners can practice the positive and active expressions and solve the problems in foreign trade. In addition, Nogeoldae uses less etiquette expressions and more practical expressions. So it makes learners concentrate on the actual expressions. The third, it has excellence in contents. Nogeoldae gives learners amount of information about Chinese common life and trade conditions on the basis of understanding Chinese culture. And Nogeoldae contains plenty of particular trade vocabularies and names 3f goods. It allows learner not only to know the knowledge about trade with China, but also to practice proper expressions for the actual situations. As mentioned above, Nogeoldae proposes systemic and scientific business Chinese from the view of Goryeo people, acquires practicality as a Chinese trade textbook. Its value gives great suggestions to current Chinese textbooks.
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