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신문을 활용한 중국어 교육 방안 연구

신문을 활용한 중국어 교육 방안 연구
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Study on Improvement of Chinese Language Education by Newspaper In Education(NIE)
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교육대학원 중국어교육전공
신문중국어교육 방안
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
The ultimate objectives of Chinese education include to develop abilities to understand and accept society, culture, history and people's living custom and even their way of thinking of China as well as to use the language. In such aspect, this study is an attempt to examine the potential to apply newspapers, so-called an "alive textbook", to Chinese education as more various, wider and novel learning aids. Newspapers are useful media of information reflecting social situations and phases of the times which are difficult to cover in any data and providing various up-to-date information, and help students to develop their vocabularies, since they use relatively correct grammar and abundant vocabularies. In addition to, teachers can find interesting plans to cultivate students' abilities - that is, speaking, listening, reading and writing - to use a language, through newspapers. In order to improve such linguistic abilities, preparing guidelines connected with Newspapers In Education (NIE) has a great educational effect in the aspects of the value and the purpose. If a Chinese teacher suggests a proper method of learning Chinese with newspaper data selected carefully, the learners can not only improve linguistic abilities including speaking, listening, reading and writing, with Chinese newspapers, but also cultivate voluntary and inquisitive learning attitudes and furthermore, they can develop naturally the abilities to understand and accept Chinese society, culture and people. In Chapter 2, educational value of newspapers and basic requirements for the NIE were reviewed for theoretical establishment of this study. In Chapter 3, plans to use newspapers, available of actual application to Chinese education were suggested. Newspapers were divided into four items such as news, cartoons, advertisements and others; they were subdivided into three plans to develop the abilities including speaking, listening, reading and writing, in order to enable a Chinese teacher to teach evenly overall, various matters, not to give undue value to one function. Next, examples for the potential to apply actually them were illustrated by attaching exercises and application papers of learners applying directly Chinese newspapers. The most important and difficult matter in performing this process was adjusting equally the level of presented news to one of the learners. Although this is an insufficient plan to apply Chinese newspapers in many respects, it is expected that Chinese teachers who have taught really Chinese in the first line will solve the poor part and limits of this study through actual applications. At the same time, out of monotonous reading- centered method of newspaper application, wider opportunities to use various and interesting applications suggested in this study are expected.
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