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Characterization of Mononuclear Nonheme Iron(IV) Oxo Complexes

Characterization of Mononuclear Nonheme Iron(IV) Oxo Complexes
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NonhemeOxo Complexes철효소Nonheme Iron(IV)
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Nonheme 단핵 철 효소에 의한 산소 분자 활성은 heme 패러다임과 유사하게 Fe^(Ⅳ)=O 중간체를 포함하는 것으로 제안되고 있다. 그러나 현재까지 nonheme 단핵 철 효소에서는 그러한 반응 중간체에 대한 직접적인 분광학적 증거나 특성 규명이 잘 이루어져 있지 않다. 이 논문에서는 nonheme 거대고리 리간드를 가지고 있는 철(Ⅳ)-옥소 착물의 분리와 고분해능 결정 구조를 보고하려 한다. -40℃의 CH_(3)CN 용액에서 [Fe^(Ⅱ)(TMC)(OTf)_(2)]와 다양한 산화제를 반응시키면 λ_(max)=820㎚(ε=400M^(-1)㎝^(-1))에서 옅은 녹색의 반응 중간체가 정량적으로 생성된다. 이 종의 electrospray mass spectrum은 m/z 476.9, 184.4에서 뚜렷한 두 개의 peak 을 보이는데, 이것은 [Fe(O)(TMC)(MCCH_(3))]^(2+)(calc. m/z = 184.5), [Fe(O)(TMC)(OTf)]^(+)(calc. m/z=477) 와 일치한다. -40℃에서 이 중간체의 단결 정을 성장시켜 분석한 결과 이 중간체는 [Fe^(Ⅳ)(O)(TMC)(NCCH_(3))](OTf)_(2) 임을 확인할 수 있었다. Mossbauer spectrum 과 EXAFS study 역시 이 중간체가 Fe^(Ⅳ)=O 화합물임을 확인해 주는 결과를 보여 준다. 합성을 통해 말단 Fe^(Ⅳ)=O 단위를 갖는 착물의 결정 구조에 대한 보고는 heme,nonheme을 통틀어 본 연구가 처음이며, 이 특성 규명을 통해 heme 패러다임을 차용해 오던 nonheme 철 효소의 산소 활성화 메커니즘의 일부가 확인될 것으로 기대된다.;The frequently proposed dioxygen activation by nonheme monoiron enzymes involves the generation of Fe(IV)=O intermediate, following the heme paradigm. However, there was only indirect evidence for the involvement of the intermediate in reactions catalyzed by nonheme iron enzymes. Such a specific transient species has now been obtained from a synthetic complex of Fe(OTf)_(2)ㆍ2CH_(3)CN with a nonheme macrocyclic ligand, such as [Fe^(Ⅱ)(TMC)(NCCH_(3))_(2)](OTf)_(2)ㆍThe [Fe^(Ⅳ)(O)(TMC)]^(2+) intermediate is obtained from the reaction of its iron(Ⅱ) precursor with the oxidant, PhlO or H_(2)0_(2). Its high- resolution X-ray crystal structure reveals an iron-oxygen bond length of 1.6Å. The Fe(Ⅱ) complex with a tetradentate ligand (TPA) can also generate the Fe(Ⅳ)=O intermediate by the reaction of [Fe^(Ⅱ)(TPA)(NCCH_(3))_(2)](CIO_(4))_(2) with oxidants, for examples, peracetic acid or m-CPBA. The characterization of the [Fe^(Ⅳ)(0)(TPA)]_(2+) was allowed by a combination of spectroscopic techniques. The characterization of a terminal Fe^(Ⅳ)=O unit with a nonheme ligand lends credence to the proposed participation of analogous species in the oxygen activation mechanisms of many mononuclear nonheme iron enzymes. An electron-deficient iron(Ⅲ) porphyrin complex associated with iodobenzene diacetate (Phl(OAc)_(2)) afforded high yields of oxygenated products in catalytic oxygenations of olefins and alkanes when the reactions were carried out in the presence of a small amount of water. The intermediate of an oxoiron(Ⅳ) porphyrin cation radical species was generated in the reaction of an iron(Ⅲ) porphyrin complex and Phl(OAc)_(2). These results demonstrate that Phl(OAc)_(2), which is soluble in organic media, safe to use, and readily available, is an efficient oxygen atom donor that can be used as a substitute for polymeric iodosylbenzene (PhlO) in metalloporphyrin-mediated oxygenation reactions.
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