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ICT를 활용한 고등학교 중국어 교수-학습용 사이트 설계 및 구현

ICT를 활용한 고등학교 중국어 교수-학습용 사이트 설계 및 구현
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교육대학원 중국어교육전공
ICT고등학교 중국어학습용 사이트
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
Before we stepped into the new millennium, it has been said among well-known futurists and economists that the China's future is very promising and Chinese language will be one of the most spoken languages around the world. We can see that it is already happening when we glance at the recent phenomena. It has been 20 years since China started its own economic development plan, so called reform and open policy. Since then China has dramatically changed - rapid coalition with world economy and expansion of economic structure. China has launched its gigantic economic potential. The world is now keen on training to learn the Chinese language, targeting the China's huge economic market, and sparing no effort to invest in China. Because of its geographical proximity with China, South Korea also keenly feels the necessity to train for the talented young people. Thus South Korea has been constantly establishing Chinese language program in high schools. To successfully deal with this economic change, we need the efficient Chinese language education. To do this, we need competent educators, effective educational theory, logical learning system, and pertinent teaching materials. Ministry of Education & Human Resources (MEHR) states that ICT (Information Communication Technology) must be applied about 20% more in the national common required and elective courses of the 7^(th) Education Curriculum. According to the Advanced Teaching Project, MEHR has already built the ICT environment in every classroom, such as multimedia computers and big monitors, thus it is possible to use any multimedia software in the classrooms. When we use the Internet in the classrooms, the learners will receive a better chance to get information and experience of world outside of the classrooms. Therefore, as educators, we can expect the expansion of the teaching process. Furthermore, as learners, they can learn the active problem solving skills through the experience of searching and utilizing online information. For these causes, our school system needs to build a curriculum for the multimedia education, which will ultimately develop the creativity within learners. This thesis aims for giving a practical help to both teachers and learners by developing useful contents for Chinese language education. This thesis, therefore, presents 1) how to sort the information on China according to the learners' different levels, 2) how to make a multimedia computer file of teaching materials to increase the learners' learning efficiency, and 3) how to economize teaching and learning time. In this sense, this thesis will greatly help both high school students and teachers - for the former who are not familiar with the information search and also for the latter who feels a burden to follow the MEHR's ICT policy.
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