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商品브랜드가 購買行動에 미치는 영향

商品브랜드가 購買行動에 미치는 영향
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(A) Study on the Effect, of the Product by Brand on the Buyer's Behavior
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산업미술대학원 산업미술학과광고디자인전공
이화여자대학교 산업미술대학원
經濟의 高度成長과 함께 廣告는 飛躍的인 發展을 해 왔다. 韓國의 總廣告費는 GNP 對比 1%에 육박하는 0.97%(83年 統計)를 記錄하여 1982年 4,326億원에 比해 5 ,653億원으로 30.7%가 伸張되어 如前히 經擴成長幅을 앞지르고 있다. 이에 따라 廣告의 比重이 커지고 生産品 販路도 이제까지 좁은 內需市場의 領域을벗 어나 海外市場으로 進出하게 되었다. 따라서 生産品의 廣告고지 形態도 多樣해졌다. 여기에는 必然的으로 出所表示機能, 品質保證機能, 廣告宣傳機能 等을 가지고 있는 브랜드(Brand) 役割의 重要性을 認識하기에 이르렀다. 그러나 大部分의 企業들은 生産品 開發에 따른 이미지를 일관해서 總括的으로 다루는 專擔部署를 두고 있는가 하면 브랜드(Brand)를 決定할 때 社內公募를 通해 企業主가 直接 決定하기도 한다. 브랜드(Brand)는 본래 人格權的 性質을 가지므로서 新生産品이 쉴새없이 開發되고, 廣告에 依해 매스컴에서도 여러가지 形態로 活用되고 있어서 이에 따른 브랜드(Brand)가 차지하는 比重은 상당하다고 할 수 있다. 브랜드(Brand)는 모든 매스미디어에 依해서 露出되면서 購買者에게 評價받는다. 그러나 우리나라의 現 마아케팅 界에서는 브랜드 役割에 對한 理解나 그의 活用이 미약한 상태에 있다. 이러한 觀點에서 볼 때 商品의 얼굴로서 重要한 브랜드가 마아케팅에 있어서의 視覺的 寄與와 그 效率性이라는 側面은 거의 無視되거나 미쳐 고려되지 못했음을 알 수 있다. 따라서 販賣되는 生産品의 品質을 購買者에게 保證하는 役割을 가진다고 하는 브랜드의 問題가 硏究되어 그에 對한 認識이 是正되어야 할 것이다. 本 論文에서는 브랜드의 槪念確認과 購買行動에 있어서 브랜드가 차지하는 比重을 把握하여 商品에 對한 認知率을 높일 수 있는 브랜드 이미지를 向上시켜서 國內市場은 勿論 海外市場에 우리의 브랜드가 世界的인 브랜드로 幅을 넓힐 수 있도록 理論과 調査를 通해 硏究하였다.;In our modern mass-produced system, the products should have their own brands ion older to differ from others as one has his name from the birth. The brand takes an important role in market for it represents the roles of its source, quality guaranteed, and advertisement. Being noticed through massmedia, the brand comes to be evaluated by the purchaser. As the systematic study of its functions has not well accomplished in our present marketing area, we have to concentrate on how to make a rational approach. Using the question papers on the recognition and activity of the purchaser the effects of the brand is measured. From this viewpoint, the effect of sales is vividly increased when the face of the product, the brand unifying the linguistic and visual element, has been designed and patternized to accomplish its functions of recognition, memory, and action for the purchaser. The brand discussed here is dealt with in four respectives as follows. First, the brand comes to draw the attention and impression of the purchaser when the proper meaning, pronunciation, and inscription of the product is made and used through the media of language. And it eventually comes to lead the purchaser into practical activity. Secondly, visual pattern of the brand becomes an incitement to purchase because the image of the product made by the brand impacts the purchaser regardless of its notable quality. Thus, the creative visual pattern of the brand is needed. Thirdly, the brand can perform its function of effective communication when the brand of the product is made to evoke the purchaser of the benevolent responses to the product through the advertisement of its existence and excellence focused on the process of practical activity and communication between the producer and the purchaser. And lastly, it is necessary to examine the essential conditions of the brand mark's color which is a core of color policy in making an image of the brand called the face of the product. Besides this, the psychological responses of the purchaser should be considered from the visual view point. Naturally, if one chooses the color which has a good emotional effect on the purchaser, the best color can be achieved enough to satisfy not only the producer but the purchaser. As we discussed the linguistic and visual function of the brand with its concept and its roles, it becomes certain that the brand is not a supplementary factor but a core of the product. Accordingly, the brand in Korea could be extended to the oversea markets as well as our present market when the image of the brand, the key of raising the degree of the recognition on the product is studied and developed.
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